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At the start - 7am and darn chilly
At the start - 7am and darn chilly

nearly 31 hours after starting and we all made it over the line
nearly 31 hours after starting and we all made it over the line

At the 40km mark
At the 40km mark

At the 50km mark
At the 50km mark

The whole team, walkers, support crew, mascot
The whole team, walkers, support crew, mascot

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Well Engineered

Team Training Slog

7/4/2009 - It's all over...
Well, we did it.  30 hours 49 minutes after starting the WHOLE team crossed the finish line.  To get all four of us home was the best feeling of all - there had been some injuries, some illness, some doubts...many blisters!  Our support crew was so amazing words cannot begin to describe their Herculean efforts.  No-one can be singled out as EVERYONE contributed to getting the walkers home.

To those of you who followed our progress on-line and via frequent texts and calls, thank you - your supportive thoughts buoyed us all.  To everyone who sponsored us, came to the quiz nights and morning tea, bought raffle tickets and never once told us to b*gger off - thank you - this whole thing was about raising funds for Oxfam and each of you contributed to the grand total.

27/2-2009 & 28/2/2009
A real test this time.  A night time walk in the Waitakeres to get some training whilst walking with no illumination but our head torches.  This was followed the next morning by a 40km walk taking in the NW cycleway, Mt Albert, Mt Roskill, Hillsborough, Onehunga, Cornwall Park and Mt Eden.  The weather was kind to us with only moderate rain on the night leg and just enough rain on the daytime section to get us wet through but not frozen!  The support crew were amazing and really brought home to the walkers the importance of the care we will recieve at each checkpoints! 

17/1/2009:  The team got together to clock up some distance on our walking shoes.  We walked a route which started at Margaret's house and then went up Mt Eden, into the Auckland Domain, up Mt Hobson, up Mt Saint John, and then finally up One Tree Hill and back to Margarets.  24km walked and 245m climbed ... all in just under 5 hours.  Not bad really!  Photos to follow.

7/12/2008:  The first team training walk was the Montana Heritage Trail in the Waitakeres.  A beautiful 8km loop.  Hmmm...8km.  That would be less than 1/12 the Trailwalker distance!

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Fundraising summary for this team

We have achieved 178% of our target.

Target: $3000
Online total: $4,889
Offline total: $0
Pledged: $0
Credits: $445
Total raised: $5,334
# Regular givers recruited: 0
Please Note: Regular Giver credits will only be included in the fundraising total once these recruitments have been confirmed by Oxfam New Zealand.
% Raised: 178%

Team fundraising:

Donor name Donation Message
Rosalind Archer $20.00 On behalf of Regan Yarrow
Jimmy Bester $50.00 Well done team!
Anonymous $1.00
Mick Pender $20.00
Edmund Crampin $50.00 Congrats! What a great effort!
John O'Sullivan $50.00 Well done Ros and team! Good for you guys!!
Darrell, Emma, M, & H Patterson $40.00 Well done! The girls have happily given up their monthly lolly money for your efforts (just don't tell them).
Anonymous $200.00
Dawn & Phil Nel $20.00
Patrick Deehan $60.00 go gadget legs......go Well done
Dave Wong $50.00 Good luck guys! Hope you've had your Molenburg!
Theuns Henning $50.00 Remember if your body tells you it cannot do anymore - you have reached 1/3 of your actual capability
Lucy Pope $100.00 Don't know what you're making such a fuss about ... it's just a bit of a weekend stroll, isn't it?!
Amy McLennan $30.00 Good luck!
Penny Brothers $25.00 Go team. It's 10% training and 90% determination. I'm sure you've got it!
Bryony James $266.70 Proceeds from the coffee morning - many thanks to Derek for providing the beans and his sterling efforts on the espresso machine!
Bryony James $200.00 Proceeds from the cake raffle - thanks to all who bought a ticket
Peter Richards $50.00 Just think, after you've done the first km, there's only 99 more to go. Good luck.
Hamish Archer $50.00
Alan & Delwyn Hodgson $50.00 Hope all goes well for your team
Alan Metson $100.00
Jan Van Veltzen $10.00 Good Luck - rather you than me!
Anonymous $200.00 Keep yourselves nice
David Le Pelley $5.00
Cathy Comber $20.00 All the best Margaret and team.
Rosalind Archer $75.00 Proceeds of Trademe auction of two night stay at Chequers Cottage B&B.
Lincoln & Denise James $500.00
Anonymous $30.00
Richard & Lucinda Howe $30.00 Happy Birthday
Rosalind Archer $716.00 Proceeds of quiz night #2. Thank you all for your support!
Jennifer Hyland $50.00 happy walking!!
Rosalind Archer $1,195.00 Trivia quiz night proceeds. Thanks to all concerned for their generosity. We hope you all had a fun night!
Mark Jones $50.00 Will double the amount if i see sufficient blisters!
Anonymous $30.00 Best of luck!
Oxfam Unwrapped $46.00
Mike & Mary Hyland $100.00 What a way to get out of work!
Mohammed Farid $100.00 Wish you all the best
Michael O'Sullivan $100.00
Kathleen MacDonald $120.00 Good luck!
Oxfam Unwrapped $113.00
Oxfam Unwrapped $146.00
Mark Hyland $75.00 Get walking you lazy bastards!
Oxfam Unwrapped $140.00

Total raised:



$38 can train a midwife to ensure the safe delivery of village children
$70 can provide live-saving provisions to families affected by the next natural disaster
$100 can build a tap stand that will provide access to safe clean water to a village

Team details


Leader: Bryony James
Member B: Margaret Hyland
Member C: Michael Hodgson
Member D: Rosalind Archer

Target time:
Steadfast = 30-36 hours

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