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Name your candidate, says Oxfam International

Oxfam International today called for countries to come out and nominate candidates for the next President of the World Bank.

"This is a multilateral institution, and there should be a multilateral process for choosing its head," says Bernice Romero, advocacy director of Oxfam International. "The US says that it is consulting widely, but this is not enough. Other countries must step forward and name candidates."

The Articles of Agreement of the World Bank state that it is the executive directors of the Bank that select the President, meaning that it is not up to any one country to dictate either the process or the final candidate. In addition, the Board has already endorsed a report stating there should be a search committee of eminent persons which would report its finding to the Board for a final decision.

The IMF has already set in train a transparent procedure for the naming of its next managing director. And in the previous nomination process in 2004, the Egyptians nominated three candidates. In addition the Bank's staff association has called for an open process for the World Bank.

"Of course, if an open process finds that an American is the best person for the job, so be it. But a proper procedure must be followed if the next President is to have the trust of the Bank staff, poor countries, donors and public opinion," says Romero. 
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