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New Zealand's hottest musicians ready to party against poverty

This October New Zealand’s best known musicians have joined together to urge music fans to get involved with Oxfam’s month-long, New Zealand-wide party against poverty.

Hollie Smith, The Black Seeds, Little Bushman, George & Queen, Crowded House, Shihad, Evermore and recent MTV award winners Fall Out Boy are among a huge group of musicians supporting Oxjam – a month of music with a message - we can help bring an end to extreme poverty by making trade fair.

“You can do something,” says Neil Finn. “You can use your voice and tell the world that we won’t stand for people living in poverty any longer.”

Oxjam gives members of the public, musicians, and promoters the chance to organise or go to music events throughout October. Oxfam volunteers will be collecting signatures for the international Make Trade Fair petition. To date, over 100 bands, artists and venues from across the country have signed up to take part.

“A party against poverty? – I can’t think of a better thing,” says Don McGlashen

Kiwi muso's shout it out for Oxjam

Last year, hundreds of musicians showed their support of Oxfam by tagging their gigs as Oxjams – and thousands of kiwis partied against poverty. This year will be even louder.

“We’re urging kiwis to get out there and support Oxjam,” says Oxfam New Zealand Executive Director Barry Coates. “Out catch cry for the month is ‘do what you love doing, just change the world while you’re doing it’. Whatever music you're into get involved."

The month-long party against poverty isn’t just about the celebs. Anyone can shout it out in October by holding their own Oxjam and raising funds for Oxfam's work in some of the world's poorest regions. Oxfam is also looking for volunteers to campaign at gigs to help make a big noise to Make Trade Fair.

“Get out there and party against poverty this October,” says Evermore

Check it out and get involved. “After all,” says Pluto’s Milan Boric, “music can start a revolution.”

Make Music. Change Lives. Make Trade Fair.

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