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Evermore busks for Oxfam

New Zealand band Evermore left the limelight of the stage today and took to the streets in Auckland with open guitar cases to busk in front of hundreds of fans for Oxjam - Oxfam New Zealand’s month of music to Make Trade Fair.

Celebrating World Poverty Day, and on the eve of New Zealand Music Awards where they have been nominated for five awards, Evermore played an acoustic set in Auckland's QE2 Square to call for fairer trade rules for developing countries.

 “When we were in India and South Africa a couple of months ago, we saw extreme poverty first hand,” says Evermore. “We can do something to change this. That's why we're here today - to support Oxfam's campaign to make trade fairer for the poorest people, so they can work their way out of poverty. You can do something too - join us and help Make Trade Fair.”

Oxjam is a month of music with a message - to help bring an end to extreme poverty by making trade fair. Hollie Smith, The Black Seeds, Little Bushman, George & Queen, Crowded House and Shihad are among a huge group of New Zealand musicians behind it. Evermore has tagged their Labour of Love gig in Gisborne this Saturday as an Oxjam.

Oxfam believes that trade could help lift millions of people out of poverty. However, the rigged rules and double standards that govern international trade are preventing this from happening. Make Trade Fair is Oxfam’s campaign that aims to bring an end to the unfair trade rules so that trade can be part of the solution to poverty – not part of the problem.

 "It's completely insane that poor countries are currently losing twice as much through unfair trade rules as they are being given by rich countries in aid,” Evermore says. “Trade could lift people out of poverty - but not when it's rigged in favour of rich countries. We're joining Oxjam so we can help make a big noise to Make Trade Fair.”

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