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Oxfam responds to the Select Committee Inquiry into New Zealand’s relationships with South Pacific countries

Oxfam New Zealand has submitted a response to the Parliamentary Select Committee Inquiry into New Zealand’s relationships with South Pacific countries, which looks at the role New Zealand plays and can play in assisting Pacific Island Forum nations (excluding Australia) to develop sustainable economies.

In the submission, Oxfam makes a number of recommendations for the Committee concerning New Zealand’s engagement in the Pacific. Our principal recommendations include:

Developing a unique approach to conflict reduction in the Pacific that is based on human

security and builds on lessons learned from Bougainville and elsewhere.

Taking a strong stance against violations of human rights and help foster the growth of a human rights culture across the Pacific.

Initiating far more extensive action on climate change including drastic reductions to New Zealand’s own climate change emissions and assisting the Pacific to adapt to thelikely impacts of climate change.

Providing greater support to develop exports from the Pacific and replace New Zealand’s push for trade liberalisation with a flexible approach that recognises the challenges faced by smaller developing countries.

Establishing a timetable for increases in overseas development assistance to fulfill New Zealand’s international commitment to reach a level of 0.7 percent of Gross National Income by 2015

Fully implementing NZAID policies and engagement in education, health, and develop a policy on water and sanitation.

Creating more opportunities to engage with Pacific Island communities in New Zealand.

Increasing New Zealanders’ understanding of the Pacific through more exchanges of culture, education, labour, sports, music and arts.

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