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Haiti Earthquake News Blog

Helen Hawking

  • 'It had been an average day in the office, conference calls, report writing, fighting off the mosquitoes that plague us here. My clock showed just 10 minutes until it was time to leave for the day, when without any warning the ground made slight movements, which rapidly became violent.'

    Diary from Haiti: Oxfam health promoter Helen Hawking was in Haiti when the earthquake struck.

  • Caroline Gluck
    "A Christmas tree with tinsel lay forlornly on the ground with what looked like small presents around that had scattered onto the floor. Next to it, a table was laid out with plates, food and cutlery as though the family were ready to come back for dinner. I could see all this clearly as the front wall of the house had exploded and was pushed out onto the street exposing the family dining room."

    Caroline Gluck, who works as a field-based press officer for Oxfam's humanitarian team, is also blogging from Haiti. You can read her posts here.


On film

Oxfam's Julie Schindall in Haiti discusses Oxfam's public health work in response to the Cholera outbreak in Haiti. November 2010.

Interview with Oxfam staff member Yolette Etienne

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