Fair trade links

Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand

FTAANZ promotes Fairtrade in New Zealand and Australia. As well as coordinating fair trade activities, FTAANZ administers the Fairtrade certification and labeling system in the region.

Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International

FLO is an umbrella organisation for 17 national initiatives promoting Fairtrade in their countries, lobbying governments for support, negotiating with importers and retailers and running education campaigns. FLO is responsible for setting the Fairtrade standards and monitoring producer and trader compliance.

Make Auckland a Fairtrade City

Action in your area can and does have impact on communities thousands of miles away - demonstrate Auckland's commitment to sustainable, ethical and trading partnerships and to supporting producers in the developing world.

World Fair Trade Organisation

WFTO is a global network of over 180 fair trade organisations in more than 50 countries, linking producers directly with alternative trading organisations. To find out more about WFTO and its members visit:

Make Trade Fair

Oxfam's Make Trade Fair campaign is working to change international trade rules so that trade can become part of the solution to poverty, not part of the problem.

Trade Aid

Trade Aid has been working with producer groups in the developing world for thirty years to bring fairly traded products to New Zealand. Oxfam is working with Trade Aid to support Fair Trade in New Zealand. For more information about Trade Aid's work and to find your local Trade Aid shop visit

Global Focus Aotearoa

Global Focus Aotearoa provides services to the education sector on development and global issues and has produced a great Fair Trade teaching resource for level five social studies.

Global Exchange

Global Exchange is a US-based human rights organisation dedicated to promoting political, social and environmental justice globally. Campaigning for Fair Trade is a significant aspect of their work and their website at www.globalexchange.org includes some excellent campaigning resources and ideas.