Partner with a worthy cause

Photo: Tom Greenwood

Corporate partners make a crucial contribution to our work while being associated with Oxfam’s recognised and respected name.

Being good is also good for business. The Stillwater/AC Nielsen report "Good as Gold" found some important facts about New Zealanders:

  • 85% tend to think more highly of companies that support charities;
  • 82% say they would be more likely to buy products or services from a company that supports a worthy cause;
  • 74% would be prepared to change their normal brand or service if a similar brand or service supported a worthy cause; and
  • 72% working for a company involved in cause activities have a strong feeling of loyalty for that company.

Some of our partners....

We’d like to thank ...

Bookabach for helping Oxfam to spread the word about creating a future free from the injustice of poverty. They promote our work enabling us to reach a wider audience and raise vital funds for our work.

Little Lot who have developed an innovative charitable fundraising project. Anyone can install an app onto their smartphone, tablet or computer that each day delivers some stylish branded wallpaper sponsored by an advertiser with some of the advertising fees donated to charities, including Oxfam New Zealand. To download the app visit Little Lot or find out more

Naked Organics who are contributing money from every sale to assist our work training organic farmers in the Pacific.

HealthPost for making us their Charity of the Month for November 2013! HealthPost supply natural and organic health, skincare and household products online, and they donated up to $2 for every order to Oxfam during that month.

Terrible Talk, the world's first free telecom company, who donate all profits from residential sales to social and environmental causes including Oxfam. Tt provides a unique range of affordable phone and broadband solutions including up to 10GB of broadband for free and other innovative offerings.

There's something to suit everyone

Oxfam Trailwalker

Oxfam Trailwalker is the world's greatest team challenge to help overcome poverty and injustice. Your company can enjoy an association with this prestigious event and the Oxfam brand. Become a title sponsor, adopt one of the seven checkpoints along the course, encourage teams to enter the 100km challenge or provide volunteers for the event.

  • Check out the Oxfam Trailwalker sponsors' page that lists all our wonderful sponsors of this event.

Oxfam's Morning Tea

Hosting a Morning Tea during Fair Trade Fortnight  is easier than ever.

If you sign up to take part we'll send you a bounty of Fairtrade Certified™ goods to share with your family, friends and workmates at your event.

Money raised at your Morning Tea will make a big difference in the lives of people across the Pacific and Southeast Asia.

  • Check out the Morning Tea sponsors' page that lists all our wonderful sponsors of this event.

Payroll giving

Payroll giving is a simple and easy way for you and your employer to make a real difference in reducing poverty. The new IRD scheme means that payroll giving donations are now deducted before tax, so you will receive immediate tax credits of 33.3 cents for every dollar you give! Contact for further details.

Make a corporate donation

Making a company donation is a simple way to make a lasting difference for those who need it most. And it can boost employee morale and improve staff loyalty.

For example, in 2010 Web Widgets chose to donate $10,000 towards a specific Oxfam project in Samoa, targeting 150 rural villages and helping to alleviate poverty, create sustainable village economies and revitalise the agriculture sector in the country. WebWidgets were so inspired by the work that Oxfam and our partner WIBDI  (Women in Business Development Incorporated) were doing, that they have kindly donated their time and expertise to help WIBDI to build their own website.

For something a little different, you can buy Oxfam Unwrapped gifts for your loyal customers. Visit our Oxfam Unwrapped Corporate Gifts site to find out more.

Fundraising at work

If you want a change from your usual nine-to-five, and fancy getting to know your colleagues a bit better - fundraising at work is for you! Set yourself and your colleagues a challenge and have lots of FUN too! Fundraising at work is a great way to boost your employer’s reputation with shareholders, suppliers and the community.

Or why not join the fun that is Oxfam's Morning Tea and help raise vital funds for Oxfam while enjoying a cup of Fairtrade coffee with your workmates.

Become a Fairtrade workplace


How many mugs of coffee do you and your colleagues drink everyday? Imagine the difference you could make to the lives of coffee farmers by choosing Fairtrade coffee. By switching to Fairtrade you can be sure that farmers in the developing world are getting a better deal.


Gifts in kind

Can your business offer a service or product that will reduce Oxfam's overheads here at our Auckland office? We are continually looking to be more efficient and effective and donations of your time, product or service may be just what we need. So very big thank you's to:

  • Web developers Sparks Interactive who have given us tens of thousands of dollars worth of free work over the last few years.
  • Our pro-bono lawyers DLA Phillips Fox for their valuable free advice.
  • Fiona Ward, a wonderful graphic designer, who kindly designed all the Oxfam Water Challenge 2011 materials free of charge.
  • Amanda Reelick a lovely Auckland photographer, who beautifully captured the moment at our Oxfam Water Challenge 2011 and Oxfam Trailwalker 2011 events.

Please contact if you wish to offer your services or products free of charge and 'donate what you do'.

Corporate volunteers

Reflecting the increasing popularity of volunteering, many companies offer employees the opportunity to take special volunteer days. Oxfam is perfect for this, as we can offer flexible hours, often on a one-day basis.

Socially responsible investment

Action on poverty can benefit business performance, as well as building a better world in which to operate. Even in hard times, it can make commercial sense for companies to develop markets that include poor people, and business models that address poverty.

Take a look at Oxfam's insights into socially responsible investment and see how your business can get better returns in a better world.

  • Companies make a crucial contribution to Oxfam's work. For more information phone us on 0800 600 700 or send an email to