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Fundraise for Oxfam OLD

The reasons people choose to raise money for Oxfam are as diverse and many as the people themselves. The one constant is that "together we can make a difference".

Fundraising is a great way to raise awareness about poverty and injustice – giving money to help make a difference is one important way that people can be empowered to take further action.

  • You can fundraise as part of an organised sponsored challenge like Oxfam Trailwalker or Live Below the Line.
  • Or join the fun that is Oxfam's Morning Tea. Holding a Morning Tea is easy and a great excuse for you and your mates to get together over a fair trade cuppa to discover the great tastes and benefits of fair trade.
  • Or you can do your own thing and contribute the proceeds to Oxfam.
  • From a mufti-day raising $60 to charity ball raising $6000 – it’s all about FUNdraising! Check out our top ten fundraising ideas (PDF, 360 KB) and download a poster to publicise your event (PDF, 1.2 MB).

We can help out with our online fundraising pages, a listing on our events calendar or shopping page, promotion on Facebook and Twitter and promotional material.

Simply contact us at for more information.

Oxfam's Morning Tea

Host a Morning Tea during Fair Trade Fortnight in 2014 and get together to taste the Fairtrade difference and fundraise for Oxfam's work towards a fairer, safer, more sustainable world.

Oxfam Morning Teas are easy to organise, fun and completely flexible to suit your location. Morning Teas can be hosted in your home, workplace, school, community hall, local park – wherever!

When you sign up to take part we send you a bounty of Fairtrade Certified™ goods to share with your family, friends and workmates at your event.

Find out more about Oxfam's Morning Tea

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Your own fundraising page

Create your own online fundraising page for your event. This is your own personal fundraising hub. You can promote it to your family and friends and ask them to donate, post updates and photos about your fundraising event and track your progress towards your fundraising goal.

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Oxfam Trailwalker

Oxfam TrailwalkerTake on the World's Greatest Team Challenge! Oxfam Trailwalker is a sponsored team challenge in which teams of four walk (or run) a stunning 100km trail around lake Taupo in 36 hours. Oxfam Trailwalker is the most life changing, team building, foot slogging, friendship forming, group hugging experience ... ever. Don't miss out.

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Little Lot

Little Lot is a kiwi company with an exciting new way for you to raise funds for Oxfam – without it costing you anything at all!

Simply download the app onto your smart phone, tablet or computer, select Oxfam as your charity, and each day you will be delivered some stylish wallpaper. Some of the advertising revenue is then donated to Oxfam. Easy! There is a donation tracker so you can see how much you and the other people supporting Oxfam have collectively raised so far.

Find out more about Little Lot

Buy Good Books

Like reading? You'll love our friends at Good Books. We've teamed up to offer readers a very simple offer: every time you buy from Good Books, all the profit goes directly to fund projects in partnership with Oxfam. 

The Good Books model is unique – and simple. Online book buyers are asked to do no more than just buy the titles they want through Good Books. All retail profits are then given to Oxfam to help in the fight against poverty and social injustice. There is no mark-up and delivery is free worldwide.

As a result, charitable donation is built into an everyday activity at no extra cost.  The range of books is as large as any other online book store and the prices are competitive. They also offer gift vouchers and audiobooks. So visit and get browsing!

Use Terrible Talk, the world's first free telecom company

Tt provides a unique range of affordable phone and broadband solutions, strives to be environmentally sustainable and donates all profits from residential sales to social and environmental causes! 

Tt believes that internet access is a basic right so residential customers can receive 10GB of broadband for free (10GB is the current national average usage.) Got friends overseas? Let them talk to you at their local rates with Tt.

See for other, innovative, offerings and/or get in touch directly. Join the telco that changes lives while giving away internet and phone services. Use an innovative telco that supports Oxfam!

Support a fundraiser!

If you don’t feel like organising a fundraiser yourself but would like to support a team or individual by making a donation, please visit our current fundraisers page.

Once there simply click on the team name that you wish to support and you will go through to their fundraising page.

  • Be assured, your fundraising will be put to good use where it is needed most – helping people living in poverty throughout the world.
  • Your fundraising will contribute to Oxfam’s many programmes rather than a specific project or item.

Other ways you can help Oxfam end poverty and injustice