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Stamp out poverty!

Join the hundreds of volunteers, school and organisations that collect and send their old stamps, envelopes and postcards to Oxfam.

It’s such an easy, cost-free way to raise funds for Oxfam’s work overseas. Our long-standing volunteer Mike, has succeeded in raising significant funds for Oxfam over the years by sorting and selling stamps to collectors.

What should I send?

  • stamps – local and overseas
  • envelopes
  • postcards

How many do I need to collect?

Any number of stamps or postcards would be greatly appreciated – whether it's your own from your Christmas cards or a sack full from your office. If you're collecting stamps at your school or office, download the poster below and post it on your noticeboard:

Where should I send them?

Once you've collected the stamps, send them by free post to:

Freepost 4238
Oxfam New Zealand
PO Box 68357
Auckland 1032

Where does the money go?