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Imagine a fairer, safer, more sustainable world for everyone. You can make it happen.

When we stand together, that’s when we really can make a difference. Join our campaign actions and add your name to the roll call of people who refuse to sit back and do nothing.  

Even it up

Extreme inequality is the defining challenge of our time, but it is not inevitable, and can be tackled. Much can be done to even it up, and make the world a fairer place.

Together we must call on governments to commit to: 

  • Ensuring tax systems are fair and free of loopholes so that the richest pay their fair share.
  • Investing in vital public services – like universal healthcare and education – so everyone has a fighting chance.
  • Making sure everyone has decent jobs with fair pay.
  • Ensuring economic policies work to close the gap between women and men.
  • Working for their citizens, first.  The interests of the richest can no longer be put ahead of those of the rest of us.

The world is ready to act. Are you?

Together, we can end extreme inequality.

Together, we can Even it up.

Stop climate change making people hungry

Climate change is the single biggest threat to our chances of winning the fight against hunger. Join people around the world to demand ambitious, urgent action. And, together, we can win the fight against hunger.

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Dole: not a very "Ethical Choice"

Choose Fairtrade bananasBananas sold by Dole in New Zealand carry a sticker that says “Ethical Choice”. Research published by Oxfam suggests that the treatment of workers on Philippine plantations where the Dole bananas are grown is anything but ethical.

Behind the Brands

Behind the BrandsTake action to change the way the food companies that make your favourite brands do business.

Already your support has resulted in the big three chocolate companies making commitments to tackle the inequality, hunger and poverty faced by women in their cocoa supply chains. And we have more action planned ... watch this space.

Take action on land grabs

 The World Bank has the power to be a force for good. We asked them to freeze their investments in land for six months while it sets better standards for others to follow.

Support our GROW campaign

Join our GROW campaignFood and oil prices. Flat-lining yields. Climate change. Unfair trade. Failing markets. Gender inequality. Land grabs. All of these issues contribute to a global food system that is failing all of us and destroying the natural resources we rely on.

Help us raise awareness about climate change and its impacts

Land is Life Climate change is already having a devastating impact on people's lives, and poor communities in developing countries are being hit first and worst.

Buy fair trade: tell supermarkets we want more fair trade products

Join our Check out Fairtrade campaignBuying fairly traded products helps thousands of struggling growers in the developing world work their way out of poverty.

A huge range of Fairtrade Certified™ products are available internationally but the range is still limited, though expanding, here in New Zealand. 

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