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Whether you use your voice, your time, your money or your energy, you can choose your own way to help end the injustice of poverty.

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Oxfam in school

Resources for schools including classroom activities so students can learn about poverty, globalisation, and issues related to social and economic justice.

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Find out about working or interning at Oxfam New Zealand.

Corporate partners

Corporate partners make a crucial contribution to our work while being associated with Oxfam’s recognised and respected name.

Oxfam Trailwalker

The most life-changing, foot-slogging, friendship forming, group hugging greatest team experience ever. Four people, one goal, 100 kilometres, 36 hours.

Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect is about New Zealand water companies joining together to make a big splash — a splash that ensures fresh water flows to communities in rural Melanesia.

Oxfam's Morning Tea 2014

Get together to taste the Fairtrade difference and fundraise for Oxfam's work towards a fairer, safer, more sustainable world.