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“We don’t like to go out at night because it is not safe for women. At night, we don’t eat or drink very much so that we don’t have to use the toilet.” – Ayesha, Rohingya refugee. Hundreds of attacks on women are reported each week in the Cox’s Bazar region...


Pakistan Disaster Response

Right now in Pakistan, floods have devastated an area the size of Aotearoa New Zealand. Homes, farms and infrastructure have been swept away. Lives have been lost. The destruction of these floods is being described by the Pakistan government as a “climate-induced humanitarian crisis of epic proportions.” We know that...


Support for Tonga

Earlier this year, the people of Tonga felt the earth shake beneath them as one of the largest volcanic eruptions in decades cut them off from the world. Because of our generous supporters, Oxfam was able to respond immediately and send a water desalination unit over to Tonga to begin...


East Africa hunger crisis

Millions of people in East Africa are facing increased hunger and poverty, as conflict and food security crises worsen. Soon, families that had insufficient food to start with will suddenly find themselves with none at all. An escalation in the conflict in northern Ethiopia means 6.9 million people are now...


Give the gift of clean water

Clean water is essential for mums and their newborn babies, but many health centres in Papua New Guinea have no clean water for drinking, washing or cleaning medical tools. This leaves new mothers weak from dehydration and healthcare workers unable to clean their instruments properly, putting babies’ lives at risk...


Working together to change lives every day

One in five of the world’s people lives without safe water. Two in five lack even basic sanitation. Oxfam supports communities to maintain their own water supplies.

Oxfam’s livelihoods programme seeks to help people in poverty have a sustainable livelihood, including making a decent income and living in a safe environment.

Oxfam is working with women across the Pacific and Southeast Asia to bring about positive change to secure their basic human rights.

When disaster strikes, we move quickly to provide life-saving assistance to people in need. We’ve helped millions worldwide.

Join our call to world leaders, governments, and businesses to play their part in tackling poverty and building a safer, fairer world for everyone.

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A person carries leaves on their shoulders

Rich countries’ climate related aid to West Africa is insufficient and dangerously worsening debt levels

Rich countries and multilateral donors have so far mobilised only 7 percent of the estimated US$198.88 billion that West African countries need by 2030 to …

A woman looks toward the camera, beside cooking equipment

Extreme hunger has more than doubled in 10 of the world’s worst climate hotspots over past six years

Less than 18 days of fossil fuel companies’ profits would cover the entire UN humanitarian appeal for 2022 Ten of the world’s worst climate hotspots …

Covid vaccine being administered

World leaders’ UNGA pledge to vaccinate world falls woefully short as only a third of countries meet target

Two-thirds of countries are yet to meet the target of vaccinating 70 percent of people in all countries against COVID-19 set a year ago at …

Stories from our volunteers

Diana Auckland

It’s important for me to focus on what I can do and find the right balance. Leaving a bequest to Oxfam is something I know will make a lasting difference for people living in poverty.

Mary Auckland

Oxfam is one of the main charities I support, and I do so because I feel that I want to reach out to the rest of the world who aren’t as fortunate as I am to live in a privileged country. Oxfam’s values and beliefs fit well with my own.

Pauline Dunedin

What I like about Oxfam’s work is that it works to tackle the root causes of poverty. When I first started supporting Oxfam, most charities focused on child sponsorship. But I’m more interested in a community wide approach.