Review 2003

There has been a steady growth in Oxfam NZ’s income in 2003, due to contributions from other Oxfam affiliates supporting our programmes in the Pacific. Oxfam’s achievements however, are mainly the result of generous contributions made by thousands of New Zealanders. We want to thank all those people who supported Oxfam in 2003 – our financial supporters, volunteers and campaigners.




For the year ending June 30, 2003:

Where our money came from

Emergency appeals from the public 158,650 5%
Public donations 215,094 6%
Public donations by regular giving 729,551 21%
Grants from other Oxfam’s and other 613,474 18%
Government grants 1,635,104 48%
Interest 58,614 2%
Total income $3,410,487  

Where our money was spent

Overseas programme 2,546,505 75%
Programme support 178,127 5%
Advocacy and campaigning 105,417 3%
Fundraising and promotion 390,681 11%
General administration 165,901 5%
Surplus at year end 23,856 1%
Total expenditure $3,410,487  

Special thanks to these corporate sponsors in 2003: AIM Proximity, Davys Burton, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Inkubeta, TMP Worldwide, McCabe and Company, Drake, Essence Research.

Our accounts are audited by Deloitte. Please contact us for further information.

A full financial report is available upon request