Review 2010

Oxfam Review 2011We are pleased to report strong progress in the work of Oxfam New Zealand during 2010. Despite difficult times at home and in the developing world, we have been able to mobilise more funds, involve more people, support local partners to do more and provide real benefits and hope to people living in poverty.

A highlight of our recent work has been providing opportunities for young people in East Timor and Samoa to build a decent livelihood in their villages, instead of being forced move to cities where they risk falling into a vicious cycle of unemployment, crime and violence.

Another highlight has been the scaling up of our work on water and sanitation, which is delivering huge benefits in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea and the island of Bougainville and in Vanuatu.

It has been a tragic year in terms of natural disasters. Our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones and suffered in the Christchurch earthquakes, and with people whose lives have been devastated by the tsunami in Japan, the Haiti earthquake, the Pakistan floods, and the drought in the Horn of Africa. Oxfam supporters have been generous in helping those who have lost everything, and enabled them to re-build their lives.

It has now been 20 years since the establishment of Oxfam New Zealand in 1991. We have come a long way, developing a strong track record of achievement on issues such as those above, and gaining profile, reputation and credibility in New Zealand.

We are deeply grateful to the 27,000 of you who donated to Oxfam last year, the growing list of trusts and companies who support our work, the Governments of New Zealand, Canada, Germany and the European Union for their contributions to programme funding and to all those who supported our campaigns.

Oxfam's finances for the year ending June 30, 2010

Where the money comes from


Public donations and events 40%
Government grants for development programmes 34%
Emergency appeals from the public 13%
Oxfam International affiliates and other NGO grants 6%
Government grants for emergencies 6%
Interest and trading 1%



Where the money goes


Development programme 45%
Emergency response 18%
Programme management 5%
Advocacy and development education 7%
Communications 2%
Essential administration 4%
Raising further funds 19%



The overall programme expenditure is 75% and includes the following areas:

Development programme (45%) is our long-term work with communities living in poverty, such as providing opportunities for families and young people in East Timor, Vanuatu and Samoa to build a decent livelihood and providing safe water and sanitation in Papua New Guinea and Bougainville.

Emergency response (18%) is our overseas humanitarian relief work, which during 2010 included essential help for people affected by the earthquake in Haiti and the floods in Pakistan.

Programme management (5%) is essential work undertaken by our staff to ensure our programmes are well set up and monitored, and are delivering the best possible results for people in need.

Advocacy and development education (7%) is work done both in New Zealand and overseas to tackle the underlying causes of extreme poverty; we focus on changing the policies and practices that keep people in poverty such as the need for action on climate change.

Our accounts are audited by Deloitte. Please contact us for further information.

A full financial report is available upon request