Edwina Mandisodza - Auckland Marathon 2014

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Edwina Mandisodza Team leader
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Help me tick this off my bucket list !!!! 

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Great run. The longest and fastest I have ever run. Really happy with progress. Finished the race in 2:42:42 that's 6:02 minutes per km. Really happy. Target is 6:00 minutes per km. Now look forward to the 32km Botany final long distance practice. I will be really happy to finish the marathon in...

Fundraising target: $1,000.00

Total raised: $1,090.17
Achieved 109% of the target
Fundraising deadline: 20 November 2014

Team fundraising

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Shoe Clinic Ponsonby $31.17 This donation is from my purchases from the wonderful Shoe Clinic Ponsonby team! Thank you for your support to my fundraising efforts for the Auckland Marathon
Matt $104.00
Jeanette Poppleton $70.00
Luke Mainwaring $100.00 Congratulations on completing the Marathon, having been there I know and understand the dedication and amount of effort is required just to finish, let alone do it in a respectable time... :-) All the aches and pains are worth it... Well done, youve done something that many people will not even contemplete doing in thier lifetime...
Leanne $20.00 Well done you!!! What an amazing thing to do.
The Mangoes $25.00 She the winner
Chiwona $25.00 You can do it,
Leanne $20.00
Princess $10.00
solomon Nyamazana $20.00 All the best Edwina. I will be there cheering my son and of course urging you to catch up with him.
Tendai Matikinyidze $40.00 Sa Matikinyidze support!!!!
Sarah-Jane $20.00 Go Edwina!
Charles Namba $25.00 Will be cheering you on from my couch
Paul Schon $20.00 Paul Schon support
Vimbai Mugadza $20.00 Vimbai Gi girl for such a good cause. the Lord will give you strength past 25km!!!!
Keturah $25.00 Go! Edwina, Be a blessing!
Roman Travers $20.00 Far out! A marathon! I am very envious of you. Good luck and I hope you smach it! Whatever the outcome, it will be a personal best. Well done!
Yvette Mainwaring $25.00 Go Edwina, you can do it!!
Zoe $50.00 keep at it Edwina :). I promise to start 1/2 marathon training today
Anonymous $25.00
Gill Rea $20.00 I am counting on you Edwina...I know you can do this!
Anonymous $25.00
Jeanette $50.00 Go wear those knees out. $1 per km plus $8 to bend down and undo your shoelaces at the end :-).
Dani Colabone $20.00 Go for it Edwina!!!! Have organize to run together some day!
James Oughton $25.00 Go Edwina! Best of luck with your training!
Dave Chisholm $25.00 Awesome cause - well done Edwina
Joanne $25.00 You go girl!!
Lance & Misti Baldo $50.00 Go for it! We are here to cheer you on. Good luck!
Anonymous $25.00
Brett $20.00 Go Edwina!
Vanessa G $20.00 I'm proud of you!
Kezia $25.00 You are a legend! I am so impressed :-)
Keri $25.00
Tanaka Mandisodza $20.00 Tanaka Mandisodza Go Mum!!! You can do it!
Anonymous $20.00