Boney - Can I Beat Bolt? adidas Auckland Half Marathon

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Nicola Smallwood Team leader
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Ok, so I may have been a little ambitious in my target to beat Usain...

Rather than ask you to just donate (but please do!) I have decided to run a mini TAB or think of it as a raflle if you're opposed to betting or over 70...

Here's the low-down…

- Donate to this fantastic cause & in the comments box guess my time down to the closest second

- Closest bet wins double their money

- To prevent your sneaky $1 bids (I mean seriously, you would come away with $2), I'm gonna chuck a minimum spend of $10 up there.  Of course if you donate $100 then you would win $200.

- The money is going to a fantastic cause and I'm sure you can give up a couple of beers, your usual spend at the TAB, that piece of pie that’s just so get my point. (I too like pie).

AND come support me & Oxfam on Nov 3rd - feel free to yell at me as you would the TV screen. I'm sure I'll find it motivating?

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Firstly, as a true Oxfam advocate, i turned down the Dole banana at the finish line despite that being my ideal post-race food...Dole are not fair trade and they do some shit stuff but the good news is you can buy fair trade ones in your supermarkets - make good choices!

Ok, so I didn't...

Fundraising target: $1,500.00

Total raised: $1,541.00
Achieved 103% of the target
Fundraising deadline: 20 November 2013

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Mon Davey $40.00 wahooo, go Boney!!! I donated on the way to the marathon by the way. Congrats and you've done amazing runnign funds for Oxfam
Boney $330.00 MASSIVE thanks to all who donated, you're all truly amazing and wonderful people- I couldnt be happier with how many of you donated to such a great cause. Thought I would top up the rest. Here's to making a difference one step at a time!
clandy $25.00 Go bones! will see you after for some post-run carbs! Our time bet is: 1:32:40
Lish $30.00 So awesome you've already raised over 1k!!! All the times are so's another 1:27:07
Sandy $20.00 Bonolicious u would dominate bolt! I vote 1.25.30 so u best be sprinting that last bit! Good luck :)
JB $25.00 1:35:57 (practical diversification of risk...)
JB $25.00 1:27:12 (optimistic combination of our singlet #...!)
MG $25.00 Shot bono. 1:29:18
Random Canadian-English man $10.00 Thanks to the rather dashing random man who gave me $5 at the marathon expo today. Much appreciated and good luck for your run too!
Georgie $21.00 1.31.34. Take than "Morri" and Slacko
Logs $25.00 1hr 31min 00 sec! Go Bones!
Morri $20.00 Slack clearly doesn't have much faith like I do. I guess 1.33.34. No matter what time you get Boney, you're a champion in my eyes. The same eyes that you licked once. Haha
Strako $15.00
Strako $15.00 1:34:34
Jimmy Robson $100.00 You Have this weeks rent money - 1:32:11
Stuart Y $10.00 Good luck 1:27:42
G $50.00 Good luck Bones. I'm picking 1.32.28
Chris $25.00 Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa boi. Imagine I am saying something amazingly articulate and motivational. Run well! 1:28:50
Chris $25.00 Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa boi. Imagine I am saying something amazingly articulate and motivational. Run well!
Benj $20.00 1:33:33 - Whoop whoop! Go Boney, you see athlete you! Xx love dani benj
Silke $25.00 Go team! And yes you can.
Dave & Carmel $30.00 Good Luck Boney, know you'll do a great job - picking 1 hour 41 minutes :)
Emily Makower $25.00 1 hour, 31 minutes and 24 seconds! You rock bones!
Carolyn $10.00 Hey Nicola, good luck!! 1:29:40 :)
Gwen $25.00 Enjoy!!!! 1:29:02
Chuckles $25.00 Go Bonesy!! Miss your face every day and wish you could run right into my arms :) My guess is going to be 1hr 32 min. Have a great time!! WoooH!!!
Hannah $25.00 Good luck Nicola! We'll be there to cheer you on! :)
Elly Jones $25.00 GO BONES!!! So impressed with your running and love the raffle idea!! I say 1hr 39 mins:) Good luck and I hope you had a brilliant birthday!! xxx
Celia! $25.00 GOOOOOOOOOO Crazy Bones!! Run that race guurl, i predict 133mins 34sec. Good luck out there, lord knows i couldn't do it - if I win i'll take you out for breakfast with my winnings :)
Chris Smallwood $100.00 1hr 34mins11secs. Good Luck
Ev Parr $25.00 Hey Bones, good stuff! I am thinking your time (based on some quick googling of your past marathon times) will be 1 hour 29 mins if your training is going as well as you say.. whatever the time, it's an awesome effort and a great cause. Go you good thing :) Ev
Zeb $50.00 I have it on good authority that if Bolt could keep up the pace for a half marathon he'd crank through it in 33:41. Whilst I have no doubt if your ability I reckon that might be pushing it! Nonetheless I reckon you'll smash it and run a 1:28:10 - just stick to those 4min k's!
The Smallwoods $30.00 Good luck Bones - 1 hour 31 minutes 52 seconds
Becky $20.00 By the looks of things you're pretty quick!! I'm going to say 1hr 34mins. Hopefully I'll be there to fly the Oxfam colours and cheer you on! Good Luck!
Pent $20.00 Good stuff Boney - I'm going to go with somewhere near your goal time as I reckon you can do it, how's 1 hr 29 min 44 seconds....either way you'll be well ahead of me, see you at the finish line :P
Bob $25.00 Happy B day, Run fatty run!
Felicity Hopkins $60.00 Happy Birthday! My 3 guesses for times are 1hr 37mins 45secs, I hr 34mins 50 secs, I hr 29 mins 30 secs. Will be there to cheer you on - can you please arrange better weather this time. Good luck and hope you raise lots of money for Oxfam.
Rafiki $20.00 Run Bones Run (sub 1:40) xxx
Aimee Gulliver & Nicole Ryan $50.00 Happy Birthday Bones! We were going to call you but won't distract from the dissertation (good luck!!) so hopefully this brightens up your day xx
Chloe $30.00 Yeow!! GO Boney
Laura Lee $30.00 Hashtag Y'all do great!