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Support families facing increased hunger and poverty

Millions of people in East Africa are facing increased hunger and poverty, as conflict and food security crises worsen. Soon, families that had insufficient food to start with will suddenly find themselves with none at all.

An escalation in the conflict in northern Ethiopia means 6.9 million people are now in need of emergency food assistance, with 400,000 facing famine-like conditions.

“East Africa faces a profoundly alarming hunger crisis. Areas of Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and beyond are experiencing an unfolding full-scale catastrophe. The repercussions of the Ukrainian conflict on the global food system will reverberate around the globe, but it is the poorest and most vulnerable people who will be among those hit hardest and fastest” said Gabriela Bucher, Oxfam Executive Director.


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Oxfam is working to provide cash assistance to thousands of families so they can buy food. We’re also distributing soap, hygiene kits and clean water to hospitals and communities, as well as increasing public health awareness to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Donate today to give families the emergency food assistance they need to survive and thrive.

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