The Future is Equal

Together, we can change the lives of the women who make our clothes

Top fashion CEOs make more money in just one week than a garment worker will be paid in her entire life. You can help to change this.

By joining us in our What She Makes campaign, you can help us demand a living wage for the women overseas who make our clothes, so that they can support their families.

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In Bangladesh, the minimum wage is only about a third of what is needed to afford a decent standard of living. That means garment workers must choose between paying rent or buying groceries for their family. The What She Makes campaign calls on brands that sell clothes here in Aotearoa New Zealand to make sure the garment workers in their supply chains are paid a living wage.


Brands make millions off these women. They have a responsibility and the power to make sure that the women who make their clothes live with dignity and are paid enough to thrive.


The lowest wage paid to a full-time worker must be enough to cover a basic and dignified standard of living for the worker and their families.


Your donation can help women get their children to school, breaking the cycle of poverty. With the right working conditions and support, women can thrive, provide for their families and make healthy choices that lift up their communities as a whole.