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Support those whose livelihoods have been lost

In January 2022, the people of Tonga felt the earth shake beneath them as one of the largest volcanic eruptions in decades cut them off from the world.

Because of our generous supporters, Oxfam was able to respond immediately and send a water desalination unit over to Tonga to begin purifying water right away. Our local partners are working hard to get clean water to everyone who needs it, but the crisis is not over yet. The United Nations has reported that approximately 84% of the population have been affected by the ashfall and tsunami.

Will you please donate today to provide much-needed assistance to those who have lost so much?

While water is the immediate concern, there are thousands of families who have lost their livelihoods. In particular, Tonga’s agricultural sector has been devastated. Over 80% of the population of Tonga are active in agriculture or fishing. This is a critical source of income for the Tongan community.


Families that rely on crops, livestock, farms, and fisheries have all suffered substantially. Ash has blanketed crops, massive waves have soaked fertile land with salt water, and the potential for acid rain is still high.


Your donation can help continue to bring clean water to those who need it and support those whose livelihoods have been lost.

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