The Future is Equal

Help families rebuild their lives

Vanuatu is the most climate-vulnerable country in the world. Last week, two severe tropical cyclones hit the island nation within 48 hours, causing severe damage. More than 80% of Vanuatu’s population was impacted, with approximately 50% of the population experiencing a Category 3 or 4 cyclone.  Homes, especially those in rural areas, including Tanna island, that were constructed of traditional materials, were destroyed in the 200 km/hr winds. Hospitals and businesses are flooded or damaged. Primary food crops such as bananas and cabbages were ruined which will contribute to food shortages and insecurity in the weeks and months ahead.

Ni-Vanuatu people are resilient and are already working to clean up their communities and rebuild their livelihoods, but two consecutive extreme weather events are testing their incredible resilience. Your donation can help provide rapid response cash so that families can rebuild their lives and livelihoods.