Pass the camera

Ever been behind the camera at TV shoot? We went armed with a camera to the recording of the new Oxfam Unwrapped animation, our first commissioned TV commercial in years. 

Filmed at the White Studios in Auckland's Eden Terrace, the 30 second advert uses stop start animation, photographic cut outs, a voiceover by BFM's Charlotte Ryan and a soundtrack from Kiwi artist Lisa Crawley. Six actors played the parts of our gift givers and recievers perfectly - and all for free, as they're friends of Oxfam and the advert's creative directors, Curative. It was Curative who put the ad together, editing the photos, graphics and script. We think they've done an awesome job.

Check out the photos to get a glimpse of how it was put together:

Watch the 30 second video in full on Youtube - and keep your eyes peeled on the TV in the run up to Christmas to see it for real!