Finding the best gifts ever

With Oxfam Unwrapped you can choose from over 50 gifts that are sure to keep your friends and family happy and feeling fantastic!

This year we've introduced even more gifts that result in real reward. One of our favourite newbies is a boar - not a bore, a boar! He's being used to help a pig-breeding programme in remote parts of Papua New Guinea. Another new gift we're very excited about is chocolate. Yum! This one won't stay a lifetime on the hips because it's too busy supporting cocoa farmers in West Papua. And we can't forget to mention our new Christmas card: nothing says 'Merry Crimbo' like a piglet!

So how does Oxfam Unwrapped work? We believe you're passing the parcel of a life changing gift. When you buy a gift, the money you pay goes towards Oxfam's life-changing work around the world. You can read more about that here. Best of all, you get to send your loved ones, friends and workmates a snazzy card that explains how their gift is helping others. So where does the money go? Well, we don't ship goats or pigs overseas! But they are all real items that we use to allevaite poverty. When you buy an Oxfam Unwrapped gift, your tax deductable donation wil fund a range of projects your gift represents. So please, put the kettle on, pour a cup of (Fairtrade) tea and enjoy some guilt free online shopping. You'll be making a real difference this Crhistmas.