12 weeks of Christmas

Can you believe it’s officially twelve weeks until Christmas? To help get you into the festive spirit we will be featuring one Oxfam Unwrapped gift every week in the countdown to Christmas.

Sooooooo...on the first week of Christmas, Oxfam gave to me… a GOAT from Papua New Guinea! Did you know that more than half the population of Papua New Guinea live on less than $3 a day? By buying the gift of a goat this Christmas you provide a poor family with fresh milk, and fertiliser for their crops for many years to come.

And on the second week of Christmas, Oxfam gave to me… a MAGIC TARP during an emergency!

Last year over 20,000 unwanted Christmas gifts had been listed on Trademe by Boxing Day?! Make sure the gifts you give don’t go to waste this Christmas. The gift of a tarpaulin is invaluable, providing shelter and safe drinking water to people like seven-year old Carol (pictured) and her family in Samoa. They rely on tarpaulin for the collection of fresh water; often their only source of water after the Tsunami of 2009 destroyed their home.

For the third week of Christmas, Oxfam gave to me…a bunch of organically certified bananas hanging in a tree!

Going organic can have a huge impact on farmers in the Pacific. Getting higher prices for their organically certified crops, means families have more income to afford schooling, healthcare and other daily essentials.

By buying the gift of bananas this year, you will help improve the livelihood of farmers in Samoa – giving them access to training, tools and the knowledge they need to become organically certified.

Pass the parcel this Christmas