Backyard beekeeping

Our backyard beekeeping programme in Papua New Guinea is helping families double their income. 

The programme - which is being rolled out in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea- aims to boost incomes, empower women and enrich the diets of families.

 By creating locally made hives, veils and other beekeeping equipment with the help of our partner Mountain Honey, Oxfam has halved the costs of starting up a honey-making business.

 “We help beekeepers look after the bees, breed the queen and look after the hive. They produce the honey and sell it to us” says Kelly Inae, owner of Mountain Honey.  

And once they have that first few hives humming, husband and wife teams can easily scale-up their business, so their profits keep flowing.

Indeed, already some beekeepers have doubled their incomes.

“Mountain Honey buys the honey at fifteen kina a kilo, this is a good money for a beekeeper. Coffee, in contrast, sells for four kina a kilo. This way, they can pay school fees and re-invest in their honey-making business”