Can you Master the Disaster?

What is the Operation Oxfam Challenge?

Teams of four will need to build and assemble three vital elements for survival - shelter, a water system and a toilet - strong enough to keep them alive in the wake of a huge natural disaster.

Each team will be given an allocated space and limited supplies that will enable you to complete your mission. During your six hour challenge, bonus materials will be distributed to teams who have met their minimum fundraising target. But players, beware! Curve balls will be thrown your way throughout the day.

At the end of the challenge our group of judges will choose the most robust and practical camps that meet the criteria to Master the Disaster. 


  • Saturday October14, 2017

  • 0900-1700 (including briefing and awards)

  • Saint Kentigern Boys' School, 82 Shore Road, Remuera Auckland

  • $270 for a corporate team & $170 for an non-corporate team

Why Operation Oxfam

With a growing number of climate events affecting both NZ and the Pacific, there is an increasing need for our communities to be greater prepared and resilient if disaster strikes. We often take for granted that aid will be on hand should a natural disaster occur in our neighbourhood or workplace, but depending on circumstances it may be that we are left with only minimal supplies and support. 

Operation Oxfam will test your team's skills and capability to survive with no aid for three days.

Prepare Yourself – Prepare the Pacific 

Oxfam NZ responds to natural disasters in the Pacific by providing emergency aid, helping to rebuild homes, villages and communities and providing clean water and sanitation. Oxfam NZ can only launch a rapid response to crises and disasters in the Pacific because we have funds ready. The funds your team raises will provide important resources that will save lives.

You will have until 31 October 2017 to reach your fundraising target.

Download the official Operation Oxfam info guide 

What it is the difference between a corporate team and a non-corporate team? 

A corporate team is a team that is sponsored and represents a company or organisation (banks, government, private enterprise etc)

A non-corporate is a team that is not sponsored and does not represent a company or organisation (ie, family, friends etc)

Entry fees

In two easy steps you're registered – simply pay $30 for your team placement booking and your spot will be reserved. This will go towards your full entry fee shown below.

Entry Fee Rates





Early Bird

30 Aug




15 Sept




 6 Oct










Rules of the challenge

  • All participants must be a minumum of 16 years old unless granted special permission by Oxfam New Zealand. Parental consent is required if between 16-18 years old.
  • Teams of four (no more, no less).
  • Teams must meet the minimum $2000 (corporate teams) and $1000 (non-corporate) fundraising commitment by 31st October 2017.
  • All teams must register at the event (Saturday 14 October) between 9.00-9.30am.
  • All team members must attend registration.
  • There is a strict no refund policy. This applies to reservation + entry fees and funds raised.

Oxfam in Action 

On February 20th, 2016 one of the most severe cyclones in the Pacific has ever seen hit Fiji. Cyclone Winston had an average wind speed of around 230kph and affected 62% of Fiji’s population. 30,369 houses, 495 schools and 88 health clinics were destroyed, and 44 lives were lost. But – thanks to people like you, Oxfam was able to respond immediately. And just over a year on, this is what we achieved: 

  • Environment cleaning kits containing chainsaws, brush-cutters, wheelbarrows, gumboots, spades, rakes and hand gloves distributed to 34 communities
  • Over 2000 hygiene kits distributed, consisting of a bucket with a lid, laundry and bath soaps, sanitary pads, towels, toothpaste and a toothbrush, water purification tabs and collapsable water containers
  • We provided clean water and repaired damaged water sources
  • We provided hygiene education to prevent the spread of disease
  • We supported communities to access food and regain the means to support themselves
  • We ensured all community members - especially women, young people and people with disabilities - were protected in the response
  • We worked closely with local organisations to ensure our response was as wide and as effective as it could be

Oxfam NZ would like to thank Saint Kentigern Boys’ School for their support and for hosting the Operation Oxfam event.