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Top 5 questions you asked about the new Oxfam inequality report

January 25, 2018 Our new report about the state of inequality in the world reveals how our economy is delivering unimaginable rewards for those at the top by exploiting millions of ordinary workers at the bottom.

What’s wrong with wealth?

January 22, 2018 Lan, 32, works in a factory in Dong Nai province, southern Vietnam, which produces shoes for global fashion brands. She works on 1200 pairs of shoes a day, yet she can't afford to buy even one pair for her son on the amount she earns each month. Photo: Sam Tarling/Oxfam Blog post by Nick Bryer Oxfam Global Inequality Lead (Davos)

Inequality – what is it good for?

January 19, 2016 Barbara is from Zambia – one of the ten fastest growing economies in the world. But like 64 per cent of the country, Barbara lives in extreme poverty. Before she lost her husband to cancer, Barbara had to sell livestock to pay for his treatment. Now she spends four hours walking every day to collect water for her crops, so she can feed her two children.

Rich/poor gap widening

January 18, 2016 By Rachael Le Mesurier, Executive Director, Oxfam New Zealand This article originally appeared in the New Zealand Herald

Rising inequality and climate change

January 19, 2015 Significant progress has been made in the last decade. Global poverty rates are falling. Child and maternal mortality rates are down, many more children are in school, and the total number of people going hungry in the world is falling – albeit all far too slowly.

Time to Even It Up

October 30, 2014 This week Oxfam launches a campaign to highlight one of the biggest issues of our time – extreme economic inequality. Seven out of ten of us now live in countries that are more unequal than they were 30 years ago and the richest 85 people own the same wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion. But why is this important for an organisation like Oxfam?

International Day of Rural Women

October 16, 2014 “Today I thank rural mothers, daughters and grandmothers for producing the food we eat, and I salute those who are the leaders in farming communities all over the world”

Inequality is a question of justice

October 16, 2014 David Tong, Chair of the P3 Foundation, writes for Blog Action Day

Society's changing values

October 16, 2014 Susi Newborn, Oxfam Campaigner, writes for Blog Action Day

Why I like talking about inequality

October 16, 2014 Marianne Elliott, National Director of ActionStation, writes for Blog Action Day