Latest Cyclone Winston 2016 news

Cyclone Zena threatens Fiji

April 6, 2016

Fiji faces further extreme weather today as Tropical Cyclone Zena threatens to damage weak buildings and crops, and heavy rains bring “catastrophic” flooding, just over a month after the country was hit by Cyclone Winston.

Oxfam water & hygiene expert reports back from cyclone hit Fiji

February 24, 2016

Oxfam water and hygiene expert Carlos Calderon has landed in Fiji, where Oxfam is gearing up its aid efforts following the complete destruction left by Cyclone Winston.

Water high priority in Winston response

February 23, 2016

Access to clean water and sanitation will be one of the greatest needs in Fiji's Tropical Cyclone Winston response, and must be prioritised. Clean water for drinking and hand washing is essential for the prevention of waterborne diseases after a disaster.

Fiji Government trying to contact Tropical Cyclone Winston blackspots as death toll rises

February 22, 2016

The Fijian Government is still trying to contact areas that haven’t been heard from since being struck by Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston on the weekend. As the scale of devastation becomes more apparent, Oxfam may deploy more staff should assistance be required.

Ferocious Cyclone Winston tears through Fiji

February 21, 2016

As the scale of devastation wrought by Cyclone Winston in Fiji becomes apparent today,Oxfam is preparing to deploy emergency staff to assist staff already on the ground, in what is likely one of the worst cyclones ever seen in the Pacific region.

Oxfam ready to respond in aftermath of severe Tropical Cyclone Winston in Fiji

February 20, 2016

Oxfam is poised to respond in the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Winston currently battering Fiji.

Tonga braces for Cyclone Winston

February 18, 2016

As Cyclone Winston bears down on Tonga, Oxfam New Zealand is preparing a two-pronged response: helping local communities recover from cyclone damage and ensuring the risk of the present Zika virus spreading is minimised.