Help women escape violence and build a safer future

Help end violence and build a safer future

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Right now, women and girls in Papua New Guinea are experiencing horrific violence and brutality as part of their everyday lives.

With the help of generous supporters like you, Oxfam is working to end the suffering of women and girls throughout the Pacific and all across the world. Your gift could help pay for straight-forward measures like safe houses, where women and their children can escape violence.

You can help give women in places like Papua New Guinea the chance to put violence behind them and begin to live safer, happier lives.

What next for Mali? Four priorities for better governance

The 2013 elections helped to restore constitutional order in Mali and marked the start of a period of hope for peace, stability and development. The challenge is now to respond to the Malian people's desire for improved governance. The new government must, therefore, strive to ensure equitable development, increase citizen participation, in particular women's political participation, while improving access to justice and promoting reconciliation.

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