Submissions to government

Submission on the proposed ammendment of Article 3 of the Australia New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement

As Commerce Minister Simon Power noted when announcing the conclusion of the review of trading rules between New Zealand and Australia "an important aspect of [CER] and its success is that both countries have continued to work at it to ensure it remains a living agreement." The same could be said of any successful trade agreement, however, the attention paid to the rules of origin for the CER stands in stark contrast to work done on keeping the rules for our Pacific neighbours up-to-date. This submission from Oxfam New Zealand calls on New Zealand and Australia to immediately improve the rules for Pacific exporters.

Oxfam government briefing document: Towards a safer, fairer and more sustainable world: New Zealand’s role

The incoming government has an opportunity to play a distinctive role in tackling international poverty, injustice, conflict and climate change. New Zealand has a proud international record in support of people who are suffering. The peace-building process in Bougainville showed that we are at our best when government policies are consistent, well-targeted, and supported by close relationships with civil society. We can and do make a difference. Oxfam calls on the government to agree to a programme of action that will continue to make New Zealanders proud of their role as global citizens. Our contribution will never be as large as others’ but it can serve as an example of how a small country can make a huge difference.

On climate change

In this government submission Oxfam New Zealand welcomes the initiative to develop coherent climate change policy, but is concerned that the five policy documents do not establish an overarching framework for how to address the significant and pressing challenges posed by climate change. The policies lack bold, achievable and measurable targets for action with staged milestones. There are also major omissions with respect to our international obligations under Kyoto and our ethical commitment to assist developing countries to adapt and mitigate against climate change.

On NZAID's draft Growth & Livelihoods Policy

This submission by Oxfam New Zealand has been prepared in response to NZAID’s March 2007 draft policy on “Growth and Livelihoods: te Tipuranga mete Oranga”.  The draft policy is to be commended for trying to integrate the aims of promoting pro-poor economic growth and promoting sustainable livelihoods for people living in poverty or vulnerability.