Give clean water to families in the DRC

The armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has forced thousands of people to flee for their lives.

Louise and her family escaped conflict only to face a new danger – deadly, dirty water. Cut off from help, Louise lost her husband and three of children to disease in just one week.

They survived the violence, but they couldn't survive without clean water. And right now, families like Louise's need your help. 

Access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation is vital. It can save lives, keep families safe and give kids a chance for a happy, healthy future.

Your donation today can help save lives.

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Oxfam has been working in the conflict-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for 50 years, giving clean and fresh water to vulnerable communities. But it's not just diseases caused by dirty water that threaten people's lives. When girls have to walk for water, they risk being raped.

"I feel safe in the camp … Up in the mountains, I am afraid ... I go alone if I can't find someone to go with. There are people called Bushumba there — they take people by force and rape them.

"You are always waiting, wondering, 'Who will come, who will follow me?'"

Sarah, DRC

Your help can provide women and children with clean water, preventing deadly diseases like cholera, and lowering the risk of sexual violence.


"There is a relationship between not having water and sexual violence. There are trees here and further down in the valley, there are more trees, and women used to have to go far down — where anything can happen — to get water.

"Now, you can collect water in the community and women don't have to go down in the valley."

Clotilde, DRC

You can help us to install more water pumps close to villages so women and girls like Clotilde are not only safe from diseases like diarrhoea and cholera — they are safe from dangerous men who try to rape them.




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