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Clean Water


No mother should be forced to give her children water that will make them sick.

However, far too many people around the world have no other choice. They drink what they can simply to survive.

Ida is from Zimbabwe, which is one of several African countries struggling with dire food and water shortages. She is a mother of six children. Each day she travels to fetch water for her children from the Mutirikwi River - water that often makes her children sick.

“It’s not safe water,” she told us. “My children frequently get sick. They have ‘running stomachs’ due to drinking that unsafe water.

“I have no choice, that’s the only water I can access.”

Repeated diarrhoea from the water means Ida’s children often can’t go to school. This denies them an education, and condemns Ida’s children to an endless cycle of poverty.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

A waterhole in Ida’s village would free her from this awful situation. Your donation can help rehabilitate or create waterholes for people like Ida.

Please donate now to help people like Ida and her family.

Will help provide hygiene awareness training
Can help provide equipment for water safety and sustainability
Can rehabilitate a drought-dried waterhole
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