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Gender Equality

Gender Inequality is keeping women poor and their children hungry

Beatrice is 65 years old. Every day to beat the blistering sun, she rises at 7am and crushes rock into gravel. “I get waist pains,” she told us, “and can’t walk properly.”

She does this to earn $17/month. This has to feed and care for her thee orphaned grandchildren. Often, it’s just not enough.

“Sometimes we only have leaves to eat. I can go for three days without food.”

Beatrice would prefer to farm. But there’s a problem. She’s a woman.

Beatrice’s neighbour Vivianne said, “It’s a taboo for women to own land in this community,” she said. “It is thought women don’t have the right to cultivate crops.”

This tradition can and must change. And with your help, it will.

Given land, resources and training, these inspiring women get stuck in, building farms that flourish beyond what the men have ever seen.

As such, with sheer determination, these women are changing the mind-set of their families, and redefining what a woman’s role can be. With your help, they can tear down the inequality that is keeping them poor.

Please donate today to help more women like Beatrice and Vivianne work towards equality.

Photo:Adam Patterson/Oxfam

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