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Flying home - can't stand up any more
Flying home - can't stand up any more

Look at our medals - not our tears
Look at our medals - not our tears

On our last legs
On our last legs

Will this night ever end?
Will this night ever end?

Our support crew made a lovely soup - not sure about the fashion sense....
Our support crew made a lovely soup - not sure about the fashion sense....

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Mad Cantabz

9/5/07: Well, thank goodness that's over!  Unsurprisingly lived up to the worst (and best) expectations - some of us still wake up in a cold sweat at 3 in the morning thinking we still have 27km to go in the never-ending night on crippled feet and knees .... The past few weeks of recovery have however brought a level of reflection that make it possible to appreciate the great things - the fantastic views (during the brief daylight hours), the amazing spectacle of the procession of headlights twinkling for miles in the night, the hotpools afterwards, our dedicated support crew (the real heroes of the piece - offering more moral support, hot soup, unstinting humour and dry socks than we could have imagined) and of course the great achievement of our on-going fundraising - still trickling in steadily from so many supporters - thank you all.

First time novices - from diverse backgrounds of tramping, marathon running and gym bunnies.  The team has found a new cohesiveness following its first full day training walk last weekend, upon the hottest day of the year.  Despite adequate warning about the trailfinding (or otherwise) abilities of the glorious leader, the decision was made to naively and bravely follow her on a cross country 40k mission, braving the previously unexplored terrors of cows, gorse thickets, vertical drop offs, cow pats, swamps and various combinations of the above.  For some unexplained reason noone bludgeoned the leader at any point or dropped her off the nearest cliff - possibly because she had the only map. 

On a positive note, we know all know exactly where our blisters are going to form, and have acquired walking poles - whether to combat the effect of old age on the knees, or to beat off the hordes of evil cows is a moot point.  The joys continue as our nightly rambles turn into walking in the dark practice - possibly will be less hilarious once we all beg, borrow or steal head torches, which may lessen the plunging off the edge of the path and bizarre dances to avoid unexpected sheep droppings.

 Update 26/3: So many joys.  A productive couple of weeks on the monetary front, underpinned be some sterling work on the cheese roll and baking front - good work chefs.  Just to drag us back to earth, the mighty leader decided we were having far too much fun making money, and had to go for another proper training walk.  15 hours later decided that perhaps it was time to look at the scale on the map.....ah well, all good exercise. Life of mighty leader only spared because none of the long suffering team were able to summon up the evergy to do more than grimly hobble back to the cars.  Excellent night training practise - good thing we all had to get up the next morning early - 1 to work and 3 to do the City to Surf challenge - strangely precluded from running it by horrific injuries - how Shaye manages to get such large blisters on such small feet is a mystery to all of us.

We felt the need to celebrate these 62k by rushing (in a sort of funny uncoordinated hobbling way) off to each get bottles of meths.  Large ones.  Our story is that it's to harden up our feet, and we're sticking to the story - wonder how we'll be celebrating the whole 100k.  Surprisingly joints, muscles and motivation not too bad - now if only Oxfam got a percentage of the nurofen and glucosamine sales.......

Fundraising summary for this team

We have achieved 92% of our target.

Target: $12500
Online total: $8,967
Offline total: $594
Pledged: $0
Credits: $1,886
Total raised: $11,447
# Regular givers recruited: 1
Please Note: Regular Giver credits will only be included in the fundraising total once these recruitments have been confirmed by Oxfam New Zealand.
% Raised: 92%

Team fundraising:

Donor name Donation Message
Other $400.00
Anonymous $110.00 Cash Donations
Anonymous $135.00 Cash Donations
Anonymous $120.00 Cash Donations - Mike East & Pete Benny
Anonymous $100.00 Cash donations
Janet Crofts $170.00
Janet Crofts $200.00
mr scott c graske $100.00
Janet Crofts $110.00
JA Smith $25.00
Neil Teika $33.00 Shop Credits
Janet Crofts $25.00 Offline funds received
Janet Crofts $36.00 Offline funds received
Janet Crofts $10.00 Offline funds received
Janet Crofts $50.00 Offline funds received
Janet Crofts $50.00 Offline funds received
Anonymous $20.00 Cash donation
Anonymous $100.00 Cash Donations
Anonymous $170.00 Cash Donations
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $100.00 good luck hope the sun shines!
Anonymous $150.00 Cash Donations
Nicola Skelton $600.00 Profits from the Easter Raffle. A HUGE thank you to all who donated prizes and bought tickets. Well done!
Anonymous $118.50 Cash donations
Anonymous $50.00
Oxfam Shop $33.00
adrian sullivan $20.00
donations $380.00 Offline funds received
Anonymous $120.00 Cash Donations
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $240.00
Oxfam Shop Credit $33.00
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $720.00
Anonymous $103.00 Cash Donations
Shabana Khalid $200.00 All the best and avoid edges!
Shaye Teika $200.00 Cash Donations $100 anf trade me auctions to date. Special thanks to Bev and Pro-Fitness Gym Christchurch for their generosity.
Shaye Teika $30.00 Cash Donations
Shaye Teika $30.00 Cash Donations
Shaye Teika $599.00 Money raise from cheese roll and cake sale this week. Thank you to all bakers, buyer, and eaters!!!!! Special thanks to Kath and Andy Kaiapoi Bakery for donating bread for cheese rolls and to Chris Black for his awesome caramellow gluten free slice that sold fast today!!! Also special thanks to some outstanding supporters of the Cake Sale cause and some the next Jo Seagers of the world you know who you are!
tara k $100.00
Rae & Chris de Joux $50.00
Floss & Wayne Millar $100.00
Nicola Skelton $30.00 Cash Donations from Robyn Duncan and Anne-Marie McCloy
Recruit a Regular Giver $250.00
Shona Guy $50.00
michelle bailey $25.00
Oxfam Unwrapped $200.00
Janet Crofts $10.00 Offline funds received
Monika Bertram $100.00 Good luck from good old Germany!
Rosemary Steane $25.00 Congratulations on a good cause. Hope the weather is kind to you all.
Nicola Skelton $60.00 Cash Donation
Anonymous $110.00 Cash donations
Alan Crofts $110.00
Anonymous $2,800.00 Advice from VERY OLD walker: start at the pace (really rather slow) that you mean to finish at. Good luck!
Anonymous $110.00 Cash donations
Jodie de Joux $20.00 All the best everyone - you'll do awesome cos thats what you are! :)
Anonymous $75.00
Toral Kamdar $100.00 Go Mad CAtntabz!! And all the best.
Les Grant $200.00
Janet Crofts $140.00 Cash donations
Lisa Foggo $56.00 All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking. - Friedrich Nietzsche Good luck Janet - and keep us posted on your mad exploits!
Anonymous $100.00
Amy Gadoud $100.00 Don't get lost!
Anonymous $105.00 Cash donations
Anonymous $500.00
Scott Robinson $100.00 Good luck
Anonymous $20.00
Oxfam Shop Credit $10.00

Total raised:



$38 can train a midwife to ensure the safe delivery of village children
$70 can provide live-saving provisions to families affected by the next natural disaster
$100 can build a tap stand that will provide access to safe clean water to a village

Team details


Leader: Janet Crofts
Member B: Shaye Teika
Member C: Nicola Skelton
Member D: Neil Teika
Supporter: Mary Reed
Supporter: Mark Smith
Supporter: Julie Guy

Target time:
Steadfast = 30-36 hours

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