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The posse on a training walk with hardy support crew
The posse on a training walk with hardy support crew


Matt with special guest star Leo
Matt with special guest star Leo

Kimberley with team mascot Sweeney
Kimberley with team mascot Sweeney

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Mortimer Terrace Posse

From hardy-booted boys to soft-footed princesses, the Mortimer Terrace Posse are a random collection of individuals all keen not to die on the course.

Kimberley is the team leader who talked everyone into this. We blame her.

Matt thinks this will be as easy as 13 rounds of golf. In a row.

Ange stunned punters in the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge by not getting off her bike on Hatepe hill. Not even once.

Neil will carry everyone across the finish line.

Natalia and Becc are our hardy support crew, and by the time of the event should be well rehearsed in making cups of tea, cooking troughs of pasta, and popping blisters.


Fundraising summary for this team

We have achieved 95% of our target.

Target: $5000
Online total: $3,234
Offline total: $695
Pledged: $0
Credits: $820
Total raised: $4,749
# Regular givers recruited: 2
Please Note: Regular Giver credits will only be included in the fundraising total once these recruitments have been confirmed by Oxfam New Zealand.
% Raised: 95%

Team fundraising:

Donor name Donation Message
Kimberley Rothwell $60.00 Even MORE craft raffle money ...
Team Mortimer Becc Richey $595.00 Team fundraising - Quiz night & Cake Stall
Kimberley Rothwell $290.00 Craft raffle part one
Recruit a Regular Giver $250.00
Recruit a Regular Giver $250.00
Oxfam Unwrapped $250.00
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $20.00
Oxfam Unwrapped $20.00
Janna and Kirsten Raffle tickets $30.00
Joe's mate $20.00
Nat's Mum $200.00
Neil Baggott $485.00 Fletchers Hospital Site Pledges collected
elizabeth r kinney $150.00
T J Hetherington $40.00
L C Sheehan $50.00
Neil Baggott $50.00 Offline funds received
Neil Baggott $50.00 Offline funds received
Mainzeal Property & Constructi $100.00 Offline funds received
Rod Findlay $20.00 Good luck, Richard - and the rest of you, although I don't know you!!
Chris Toovey $30.00
Kelly Andrew $10.00 Offline funds received
Moffitt neighbours $30.00 Offline funds received
Nikki Macdonald $15.00 Offline funds received
Elizabeth Graham $20.00 Go Dick Willy! And please come out without needing assistance from St John's or Westpac (as in the helicopter people). Your little sis. E xx
Diana Dekker $20.00 Offline funds received
Marina Skinner $100.00 Offline funds received
Sarah Kenward $20.00
Sonya & Rowan Shanks $25.00 You really get yourself into some good ones Neil !!
Paul De Bernardo $300.00
Tom Acland $110.00 I'll be mentally massaging your aches and pains as you guys walk towards your goal. Hats off to the Mortimer Terrace Posse!
Anonymous $20.00
susan pepperell $30.00
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $20.00
David Lombard $111.00 Sorry, can't make it to the quiz night...
Cake Stall $187.50 Many thanks to Sue for making this happen. And to Jo Hubris for her superb baked goodies. We LOVE you
Grandad Ken $20.00 Matt, $20 to help you on your walk. Best of luck
Craig Penn $150.00 Good luck, skill and girl power towards your goal!
Claire Dower $50.00 Offline funds received
Monique Portegys $50.00 Offline funds received
Jo Saint $50.00
Rose OConnor $20.00 Offline funds received
Iain Butler $200.00 Offline funds received
Lisa Robson $20.00 Gooooo team Rothwell!!!! You mad buggers. Sorry I can't donate anymore, saving the world ourselves. Best of luck with the blisters and the madness. xx
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $10.00

Total raised:



$38 can train a midwife to ensure the safe delivery of village children
$70 can provide live-saving provisions to families affected by the next natural disaster
$100 can build a tap stand that will provide access to safe clean water to a village

Team details


Leader: Kimberley Rothwell
Member B: Richard Graham
Member C: Neil Baggott
Member D: Matt Taylor

Target time:
Steadfast = 30-36 hours

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