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One of our first practise walks... It can only get better!
One of our first practise walks... It can only get better!

The girls at the Taupo training weekend
The girls at the Taupo training weekend

Gina and Avril - during Waikato River walk
Gina and Avril - during Waikato River walk

Team walk- Tongariro Crossing
Team walk- Tongariro Crossing

Waiheke Fun Run/Walk - Our first Team walk... 25km in 4 hours! Great team effort!
Waiheke Fun Run/Walk - Our first Team walk... 25km in 4 hours! Great team effort!

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Someone Stole Our Car

Bunch of enthusiastic amateurs after the guy who stole our car...

Thanks to Avril we now have a training blogg as well, have a look/laugh at our adventures and photos:



Fundraising summary for this team

We have achieved 160% of our target.

Target: $2500
Online total: $3,311
Offline total: $0
Pledged: $0
Credits: $698
Total raised: $4,010
# Regular givers recruited: 0
Please Note: Regular Giver credits will only be included in the fundraising total once these recruitments have been confirmed by Oxfam New Zealand.
% Raised: 160%

Team fundraising:

Donor name Donation Message
Nathan Hughes $10.00 Great cause! Well done!
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $45.00
Neil & Fiona Quill $100.00
John and Marita Fallow $50.00
Gina Wadams $120.00 A special thank you to Waitakere College, KJ and Mr Bradley. Waitakere College kindly allowed Gina to talk at their house assemblies about the fantastic work OXFAM does and the trailwalker event. The head students then organised a sausage sizzle to raise money to donate to the team. Thanks to everyone who brought a sausage and thanks to all the offers of support for the big weekend.
Lee-Anne Douglas $50.00 Excellent going guys! Really proud of you Avo. We weren't waiting to see if you actually made it ... we knew you would (have just been extremely slack!). Happy birthday for the 6th, by the way - we were thinking of you!!!! Much love, Lee, Andy & Sir Matt XXx
Neil Wadams $40.00
James Miele $50.00
Inspector Clouseau $20.00
Easter Egg Fundraising $512.10 A very big THANK YOU Finnuala(Avrils Mum!) for the 230 plus Easter Eggs made in less than 3 weeks in the lead up to Easter. Without all the time you spent melting chocolate and making chocolate bunnies this massive result would not have happened… we cant say THANK YOU enough! Thank you also to all those at Auckland Hospital who supported our sales so generously! YOUR SUPPORT IS OVERWHELMING!
Tammy Dickinson $50.00 Good luck for the weekend!!! I'll be thinking of you...
George Butler $50.00 What no car? Best foot forward! (Avrils Grandad - oldest supporter!)
Gary Lowe $500.00
Jo Martin $15.00 I think what you are doing is amazing!!! All the best for the weekend.
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $70.00
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $50.00
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $45.00
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $60.00
Else Marais $30.00 From Else, Sven and Helene. Good luck!
Anonymous $20.00 Well done. I wish I was fit enough to walk 100k too!
Anonymous $100.00 Maris...100 km, that's about 17 times around the lake. Now imagine... 17 times a 'rondje meer' in one day?? Have fun!
Andrew Boulton $5.00
Lorraine Marais $100.00 You guys are phenomenal!!! Good luck for next weekend.
Anonymous $120.00 Money raised from selling Chadbury Chocolates ($96) and Sealord donated tins of tuna ($24).
Helen Marais $30.00 Good luck with the walk. I know you can do it!
Cara Jones $10.00 Good luck!
Sebastiaan Dammann $50.00 Hi Team, Offcourse I would like to donate something for the greater cause. Especially when my sister is involved;-)Keep up the good practice and I hope you reach the finish line (100KM in 36 hours, its madness). Good luck from your family from Holland. Sebastiaan Kirsten & (little) Emma
Steven & Rebecca Tan $30.00 Keep up the good work!!!
Avril Metcalf $24.00 Money raised from selling Sealord donated tins of tuna.
Geoffrey Metcalf $100.00 Sarah and I wish you all well. We have finally managed to agree on something.... that you're all completely nuts!! Best of luck.
Aoife, Jono & Reilly Metcalf $60.00 Not long to go, keep up the good work, sorry we cant be there to help!
Nihotupu Tramline Walk $45.00
Ros Slater $20.00 Go Avril!, you crazy woman walking this distance in one go. But I'm glad that there are people that do these kind of things. lots of plasters!
Oxfam Shop Credit $20.00
Anonymous $50.00 Sale of donated Whittakers Chocolates - Thanks to Day Stay Staff for their support and love of Chocolate Peanut Bars!
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $35.00
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $100.00
Merv Horsford $30.00
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $45.00
Karen Windross $25.00 Hi Team. Keep up the great work with the training and sponsorship. All the best on the big day. Glad it's you and not me. Love Karen (Gina's aunty)
Dawn Rigby $50.00 I wish you health and happiness while increasing the health and happiness of others. Well Done
Fiona Carroll $20.00
Oxfam Shop Credit $25.00
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $18.00
Oxfam Shop Credit $25.00
Janine Wright $30.00
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $45.00
Anonymous $50.00
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $36.00
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $24.00
Natalie Ross $130.00 Every step is a step towards your goal.
Elbert Marais $80.00 Go Fuzzy, this should be a walk in the park for you after Comrades.
Victor Sluiter $100.00 Succes! 100km in one day is further than I ever did...Remember to enjoy the views ;)
Nigel Watkins $20.00 Good luck
Clare D $10.00 Good Luck!
Trevor Wadams $100.00 $1 per K and I'll be the barbie chef.
Linda Wadams $60.00 Roast Chicken will be ready and waiting at the end of any more BIG WEDNESDAY walks.
Lena Townsend $60.00 Good luck! Although it looks mad what a challenge - I'm very envious!
Michael Lee $10.00 Always knew there were two nutters in the office....
Other $10.48
Carlene Wadams $60.00 (Gina's Sister)
Linda Wadams $40.00 (Gina's Mum)
Niamh Metcalf $60.00
Gayle Harrison $60.00 Nutters! Hope u catch the b******! :)

Total raised:



$38 can train a midwife to ensure the safe delivery of village children
$70 can provide live-saving provisions to families affected by the next natural disaster
$100 can build a tap stand that will provide access to safe clean water to a village

Team details


Leader: Mariska ter Bals
Member B: Andre van Zyl
Member C: Gina Wadams
Member D: Avril Metcalf

Target time:
Steady- 24-30 hours

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