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Bodylicious Bodyneeders

Fundraising summary for this team

We have achieved 80% of our target.

Target: $2500
Online total: $1,640
Offline total: $360
Pledged: $0
Credits: $0
Total raised: $2,000
# Regular givers recruited: 0
Please Note: Regular Giver credits will only be included in the fundraising total once these recruitments have been confirmed by Oxfam New Zealand.
% Raised: 80%

Team fundraising:

Donor name Donation Message
Judith Reutlinger $100.00 Thanks for the experience everyone! It was awesome! And big thanks to all who made donations
Vanessa Hedley $30.00
Kent Lundberg $25.00
Sandra Storz $20.00
Anonymous $10.00 Woohoo!
Blair Hastings $10.00
Raewyn Gallagher $100.00
Ross Thomson $100.00
Adele Lorigan $60.00
Andre Hugnet $100.00
Glen Reynolds $20.00 Good luck you crazy kids!
Emma Golightly $50.00
Keith Ladyman $50.00
Jan Hales $40.00 Well done! Fantastic effort. No doubt you are all fairly very proud and can take on anything from here. Enjoy the Easter break.
Caron Sparks $50.00 Madness!! Cycling yeh - walking no way!! Hope your feet dont hurt to much Karen xx The other Caron
meggan young $50.00 great walking you guys! from Meggan and Rosie
Nelson So $20.00
neil millar $20.00 Well done girls!
Chris Bunce $100.00 Go Jude! Thinking of you tomorrow - and the next day - hopefully not the one after that!
Toni Christian $20.00 Good luck Karen & the team
Alan Gray $50.00 go Sarah!!
Stuart Towers $65.00
Anonymous $10.00
Vince and Deirdre Clark $50.00 Go for it Bodylicious Bodyneeders,you can do it!!
Jan Hales $50.00 Will donate another $20 if you finish. Good luck and have fun!
mark finlayson $20.00 who will massage the massager?
Mike Finlayson $80.00 I like to support winners!
Pietro von Reutlinger $45.00 Just to get you to the next 100 km, aeh, dollars.
Dave Spratt $50.00 Just remember - its 100kms within the time limit or its ten minutes of shuttle runs at the end! Good luck Judy.
Anonymous $100.00
Sue Alemann $50.00 I am in awe of you Judy! Go girl.
Belinda Drake $50.00 Good luck to you all!
Sue Finlayson $100.00 I am full of admiration for those accepting this challenge. Good luck to you all,especially Sarah and Karen.
Aimee McGregor $20.00 100km - I am so impressed Judy. You are awesome!
Keith Macky $50.00 Great cause and a brilliant walk :)
Anna Kingston $60.00 ;)
Grant &Liz Bradford $100.00 Go Judy and the team, we will be with you in spirt as our bodies aren't up to it, this year!
Keren Neal $20.00
Petro von Reutlingen $55.00 Go, Bodyneed Girls, Go.

Total raised:



$38 can train a midwife to ensure the safe delivery of village children
$70 can provide live-saving provisions to families affected by the next natural disaster
$100 can build a tap stand that will provide access to safe clean water to a village

Team details


Leader: Karen Finlayson
Member B: Hannah Lucas
Member C: Sarah Finlayson
Member D: Judith Reutlinger


Target time:
Steadfast = 30-36 hours

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