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Team Vegan
Team Vegan

In the Waitakeres
In the Waitakeres

In the Waitakeres
In the Waitakeres

In the Waitakeres
In the Waitakeres

David, defeated by a sandwich
David, defeated by a sandwich

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Team Vegan

We are a group of vegan friends from Auckland who will be completing the Trailwalker in 2010.  We met through mutual interests in animal rights and fitness.  Some of us have run events before with Team Vegan; others are involved in SoLVe, the Society of Legal Vegans and Vegetarians, based out of the university of Auckland.

David T has completed the Trailwalker three times.  He is working as a clerk at the Auckland High Court, having finished his law and arts degrees.  He hopes to be able to brag that he has walked a hundred kilometres in one day, having taken around 26 hours last year and 27-28 in previous years.  He still likes espresso, has more tattoos and Smiths records, and rides bikes.

James is a recent law graduate of the University of Auckland.  He loves to cook, bake bread/cakes/other vegan goodies, and to work in the garden. James is interested in politics, philosophy, and economics.  He finds that being vegan is the best way to realise his moral and political ideology.  He enjoys getting outdoors, whether backpacking, hiking, or just going to the beach.   James is an avid cyclist, and thinks fixed gear bikes are the new rollerblades.

Dave A, James’s brother, is likewise an avid chef and cyclist.  He shares James’ antipathy for David’s new bike.  He is studying epidemiology at the University of Auckland, while attempting to avoid winters.  For the last five years, he has dashed from hemisphere to hemisphere in a quixotic yet successful attempt at a constant summer.

Zeljka has been vegan since Valentine's Day 2008.  She has just returned from Glasgow, where she finished  her law degree, while dwelling down the road from (and often in) a vegan pub.  She has returned to write her dissertation.  Although she claims to be a stage 4 scientologist (which means she can move things with her mind),  the rest of us suspect that she actually just hates bikes.

Team Websites:
Team Vegan: The vegan running/hiking/exercising club that some of us run or cycle with, and under whose banner we're doing the Trailwalker.
The Solution: The blog on veganism and vegetarianism that David and James write for.
Facebook Group: How we stay in touch with supporters.

Fundraising summary for this team

We have achieved 120% of our target.

Target: $3000
Online total: $2,320
Offline total: $30
Pledged: $0
Credits: $1,250
Total raised: $3,600
# Regular givers recruited: 7
Please Note: Regular Giver credits will only be included in the fundraising total once these recruitments have been confirmed by Oxfam New Zealand.
% Raised: 120%

Team fundraising:

Donor name Donation Message
Jeremy Doogue $30.00 Offline funds received
Yvonne McLaren $250.00 Regular Giver Credit
Brett Simpson $50.00 Hey Junx congrats on the big walk!
Bojan Blazevic $20.00 Go Team Bike!
Anonymous $50.00
Andrew Birdsall $30.00 good luck for the weekend!
Nirupa George $20.00 Good Luck xo
Anonymous $150.00
Kubi Witten-Hannah $20.00 Go Vegans!
Alana Tinkler $10.00 Good luck guys - you can do it!
Meredith Youngson $50.00 Best of luck to all of you!
Treasa Dunworth $100.00 Good luck!
Luke Turner $50.00 Do it in style Joseph
Anonymous $300.00 Proceeds from Urban Vineyard fundraiser dinner.
Anonymous $30.00 Good luck for the good cause Zeljka - Choco & Mum
Emily Harris $20.00 All the best!
Robert Xie $25.00 You're awesome, Zeljks :D
Antony Vallyon $25.00 two good causes.. go David and team
Jim Heays $50.00
Jay Henderson $10.00
Clive Lansink $20.00
Rachael Wong $20.00 Good on you, you crazy kids!
Anonymous $12.30
Peter Barnett $20.00 Good luck team!
Birsha Ohdedar $15.00 good luck
Anonymous $250.00 Collected from David's colleagues at the fundraising morning tea
Ian Wallington $20.00 all the best Z!love your work =)
Anonymous $20.00
Kirsten Robinson $10.00 All the best!
Vasely Sapunov $150.00 Good work once again guys! Good luck and God Bless! xvx
Anonymous $20.00
Christopher Penk $20.00 Good luck team - it's great what you're doing. Hope it's not too painful on the day! : )
Sophie Klinger $20.00 Go team.
Hannah Yiu $20.00 Good luck Team Vegan! David - I hope you guys make the 24 hour mark this year:)
Chris Davidson $30.00
Saif Alobaidi $25.00 Good luck Zeljka
Carl Hey $20.00 Best of luck!
James Goodfellow $120.00
Olivia Draudins $25.00 Good luck to all of Team Vegan, especially Zeljka, who I know started training when she was back in Glasgow! Love from Liv xxx
Larnie Nicolson $20.00 Champions!
Rebekah Thompson $15.00 Wish it could be more...Good luck!
Sarah Gotowiec $20.00 Good luck!!!
Ivana Opacic $20.00
stefan rochfort $20.00
David Williams $40.00 Good vegans, good cause, go well.
Danielle Brayne $25.00
Laura Devlin $20.00 All the best!
Hayden Skelton $20.00
Anonymous $12.70 (Donations from David's colleagues in exchange for leftover baking from the BBQ)
Peter Sankoff $90.00 From the Animal Law class, summer 2010!
Josh James $10.00 Vegan power!
Peter Sankoff $150.00 Hey guys! Go get em! More to come once we raise money through the BBQ. If Vladdie will agree to charge at least $2.50 for sausages, we can probably arrange a donation from the proceeds of our next SoLVe BBQ!
Shelby Akers $10.00 Vegan Power! Going to break 24 hours this year, I know it!
Michelle Roach $250.00 Regular Giver Credit
Andrea Egan $250.00 Regular Giver Credit
James Roach $250.00 Regular Giver Credit
David Angelson $250.00 Regular Giver Credit

Total raised:



$38 can train a midwife to ensure the safe delivery of village children
$70 can provide live-saving provisions to families affected by the next natural disaster
$100 can build a tap stand that will provide access to safe clean water to a village

Team details


Leader: David Tong
Member B: David Angelson
Member C: James Roach
Member D: Zeljka Strbac

Team Vegan

Target time:
Fast = 18-24 hours

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