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Fundraising summary for this team

We have achieved 102% of our target.

Target: $2500
Online total: $2,309
Offline total: $250
Pledged: $0
Credits: $0
Total raised: $2,559
# Regular givers recruited: 0
Please Note: Regular Giver credits will only be included in the fundraising total once these recruitments have been confirmed by Oxfam New Zealand.
% Raised: 102%

Team fundraising:

Donor name Donation Message
Denise Gentile $10.00
Tramping Club $260.00 Backpack raffle by Univ of Canterbury Tramping Club
F>H>S Roofing Ltd PO Box 7585 $150.00 Offline funds received
Craig Suckling $100.00 Offline funds received
Sasha Rosellli $15.00
tatiana rohner $10.00 Principito! Se acuerda de mi? De las del Italiano!! Que nota lo que hace! Le dejo mi, pero algo...
Luisa Catizane $20.00 Herzlichen gluckwunsch on your 100k walk guys.
Katy Bang $39.00 Go Brian!
Shannon McMorrow $25.00
John Graves $10.00
Bev Thorne $30.00 Well done & all the best for a successfull 100km
Guilherme Rosal $100.00
Mike Spearpoint $25.00
Maria Camello $60.00 Vovó Zita e Vovo Álvaro desejam sucesso
Anonymous $20.00
beatriz tirado $50.00 monito aca doy mi donacion
chris cattau $35.00
maria regina marques $50.00 dear mary and team, good luck! The world needs people like you, and iniciatives like this one.
Luis Garcia $25.00 Good Luck Guys!! Great cause you are helping here.
Diego Amador $10.00
Mark Milke $100.00 Poco a poco, se anda lejos!
Daryle Fantham $500.00 Go Team NZEGA. Look after the support crew
Flavia Martin $15.00 That's great guys !!! Best of Luck!!
Liz Scott $100.00 well done team, go for it, good to support people who aren't as lucky as we are!
Tom Alton $30.00 Go Brian's team!
Sandra Dettweiler $60.00
YOGA BAURU $90.00 Good luck n God bless everybody thats helping around the world to build a better place 4 all of us.
Deirdre Organ $80.00 Best of luck guys! Such a wonderful thing to do. I hope you reach your target. Best wishes from Ireland. xx
Beth Masser $20.00 Go team Thorny!
Judy Clark $50.00
Carlos Henrique Martins $30.00
Junior Andrade $20.00
Kamilla Camilo $20.00 Well done guys... I am very proud of you :-)
Mary Rocha $100.00 Hei people! Support our team in this racing! The little money you contribute will mean a lot to somebody else.
José Esteves $80.00 God be with You
Anonymous $55.00 Donations collected from the Cass-Lagoon walk
Elliott Gall $25.00
Kristen Blanton $30.00 Best of luck!
Cheryl Teruya $35.00 Best wishes!
Kimberly Teruya $30.00 Hopefully the pattern of increasing donations in $5 increments will hold...or skyrocket up :-) good luck!
Angelica Nicholson $25.00 Good for you, Mauricio (and friends), I am proud of all of you for what you are doing. Good luck!!! Angie, Joe, Lucas and Ty Nicholson
Ellen Ashmore $20.00 Good Luck and have fun, if that's possible!

Total raised:



$38 can train a midwife to ensure the safe delivery of village children
$70 can provide live-saving provisions to families affected by the next natural disaster
$100 can build a tap stand that will provide access to safe clean water to a village

Team details


Leader: Mariana Esteves
Member B: Mauricio Arias
Member C: Mary Rocha
Member D: Brian Thorne
Supporter: Mary Rocha


Target time:
Steady- 24-30 hours

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