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Committed to training - even in the rain!  Lake Mangamahoe, December 2010
Committed to training - even in the rain! Lake Mangamahoe, December 2010

Nearly at the top!  - Whitecliffs Walkway, 15 January 2011
Nearly at the top! - Whitecliffs Walkway, 15 January 2011

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Sole Sisters

Welcome to the Sole Sisters, where we're about the smiles, not just about the miles.

13 April : The Sole Sisters have tackled the trail, and 3 of us have made it out the other side.  On Sunday at 11:48am, Carol, Jenn and Damian crossed the line after nearly 30 hours, and 100 km of walking.  It was the hardest thing we've ever done, but finishing was a great feeling.  Our legs are sore, we have blisters, we're still catching up on sleep.  But we did it, and that's what counts!

But Trailwalker isn't just about the physical challenge.  It's also about supporting Oxfam in the work they do to improve conditions for people in poverty in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.  Their current appeals include supporting people affected by the floods in Pakistan; improving sanitation (and therefore health) for people in the developing world; and working to stop human trafficking.  All of this work costs money, but you might be surprised to find how much difference you can make.  What is a little bit for most of us means a lot to people living in poverty. For example:

  • $5 can buy reliable, locally purchased vegetable seeds for people in Indonesia.  This ensures farmers can improve the yield of their crops and help keep families healthy through improved nutrition.
  • $14 can buy a pair of chickens for a family in Papua New Guinea.  The chickens provide food and fertliser.  And through the sale of surplus chicks, eggs and meat, they can better afford healthcare, school fees and other vital family needs.
  • $38 can train a local person to become a birth attendant. They will learn basic midwifery skills and be provided with safe birthing kits. And once they're trained, they'll support mothers to give their children the best possible start in life.
  • $70 can buy an irrigation system for a grower in East Timor, including all the pumps and pipes, tools and training needed to ensure that their field gets just the right amount of watering.
  • $125 is the start-up for a small business in Samoa.  You can help a farmer, a fisherman, a weaver or other innovative person start their own small business by providing the important resources such as microfinance and training that an entrepreneur needs to get started.
  • $250 buys a sewing machine, which can be used to make and repair clothing and to provide a valuable income. A sewing machine offers a simple solution, allowing families and communities to work their way out of poverty.

Last year Oxfam Trailwalker raised $800,000 for these projects, and this year the Sole Sisters are hoping to do our part by raising over $4000.  This will allow us to everything listed above, and more.   This is also where we need your help.  Please consider helping us to help Oxfam by making a donation below.  Come on now, don't be shy... 


Fundraising summary for this team

We have achieved 106% of our target.

Target: $4000
Online total: $3,225
Offline total: $0
Pledged: $0
Credits: $1,033
Total raised: $4,258
# Regular givers recruited: 4
Please Note: Regular Giver credits will only be included in the fundraising total once these recruitments have been confirmed by Oxfam New Zealand.
% Raised: 106%

Team fundraising:

Donor name Donation Message
NPDC Staff $23.70 Coin Collection from NPDC cafeteria
Sharon Jury $20.00
Steve & Chris Duckett $20.00
Louise Walters-Uhila $100.00 Well done to the Sole Sisters from the Customer First Team.
John Sutton $100.00 Great effort guys!
Debbie Abbs $50.00 Congrats on a job well done.
Ian & Rose McDougall $50.00
Beth Hockey $10.00 Hope the weather is good and that your feet are even better! Good luck - hope you have a blast.
Sarah Mako $5.00
Hughes Dennis $20.00
Brent Manning $20.00
Jason Johnston $38.00 Good Stuff Jenn & Team - enjoy the downhills - daydream through the uphills. Fantastic Challenge!!!
Mandy McDougall $70.00 You're all amazing, good luck for the big day. We will be thinking of you and wish we were there to cheer you on.
Jeanie Oxley $20.00
Roisin Johnson $30.00 Damian - you joining the trannie fun now too?
Amy Byrnes $40.00 Awesome work team! Good luck for this weekend :)
Ron Millman $5.00
Stuart Rankin $20.00 Damian said he thinks you should run it!
Saeid Bossaghzadeh $5.00 Good luck Garth. Best wishes. Sorry that i copuldnt help more, the expenses for the new born is a bit scary :-) I am sure you will make it to the end.
DONALD LAUGHLIN $50.00 It's all about the smiles....and the miles.
Nicky Turnbull $30.00 I might make you (Damian) a cup of tea when you get back to work ... just to save you hobbling to the kitchen on your poor blistered feet!
Max Gower $250.00 Regular Giver Credit
Darryn Davy $40.00 Congrats on the all the hard work and training youve done SOUL SISTERS Kia kaha
Vanessa Opai $50.00 May the force be with you!
New Plymouth District Counsil Staff Awesome $140.00 Trade Aid Chocolates sold to NPDC Staff
Suzy Williams $50.00 Awesome work ladies! Really enjoyed the few trainig sessions I had with you over summer, you are very inspiring!
Tony Pearce $20.00 You can do it - you are all awesome!!! T
Stu Hartley $20.00 A kind donation from friends of our Support Crew Members Diane and Max Gower :-
Sam Bury $20.00
Frank Conway $40.00 Two and a half marathons each! Way to go girls.
Vikki Corlett $30.00 Awsome effort Ladies! Such a HUGE committment. Count me in next year IF you decide to do it all again!
Christine Conway $5.00
Danica Rangiwananga $25.00 Good luck girls, awesome!
Toni Schadt $50.00
Marjan Harding $15.00
Jenn $250.00 Regular Giver Credit
Gail Wooller $5.00
Anne Foot $5.00
Stephen Ryan $20.00 Good Luck Team
Carol Yaxley $10.00 Go Girls
Mark Jones $10.00
Barbara Garrett $20.00
Rachael Megee $250.00 Regular Giver Credit
Alisa Ravji $30.00 Good Luck and Have fun!!
Hannah Zimmermann $20.00 I might laugh at your bruises, blisters, aches & pains but on the inside I'm truly inspired by what you guys are doing!
Lauren O'Byrne $20.00 Good luck ladies!
NPDC Staff $135.00 $65.00 Raised from Collection Box at New Plymouth District Council Cafe. $70.00 Raised from sales of Trade Aid Chocolates to NPDC Staff
Stuart Scarle $5.00
Rhys & Kerryn Williams $10.00
Jane and Daniel O'Connell $50.00
Rachel Hadfield $20.00
Perry McAsey $5.00
Sharon Bruce $50.00 A quote for you: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". Great stuff ladies!
Bridie Fleming $50.00 Hey team4284550688504664 best of luck. Look forward to supporting you in Taupo. Possitive attitudes all round! :)
Chantelle Clark $50.00 All the best for your "wee stroll" ladies, very proud of you Jenn xxx
Alison Bollond $25.00 All the best Jenn and team! Good on you all!
Damian O'Connell $50.00
Kate Cornege $46.00 This one's for Jenn for her smashing time at the New Plymouth Half Marathon. ($1 per km, plus a bonus $ for every km under 3:00)
Mark Hadfield $50.00 Doing a fun, challenging thing and making money for charity: great idea!
Sujanaaroncraig Booya $100.00 Kia kaha
Greg Awesome van Eyk $20.00
Donna Bryant $20.00 GO GIRLS GO!
Jackie Whitehead $89.00 Hello Team Great Work, love keeping up to date with all your progress. To my Little SIS....Your AWESOME - Great motivation. Please come and visit KereruKeep when you ladies want a shorter walk.....
Lee Blanks $50.00 Great cause. Great effort. Good Luck & have fun!
Vicky Thomas $20.00 Great cause - good work team!
Anonymous $40.00 An admirable endeavor indeed! All the best!
philip wells $20.00 Well done ladies. Good luck on your adventure. Tis indeed a noble cause !
Rebecca McGrath $20.00
Kathleen and Henry Naylor $20.00
Bryce wastney $50.00 Fly my pretties!! Fly!!
Vicky Webb $50.00 Happy walking. I love your "Smile" philosophy. Good luck, it is a great cause.
Linda Cook $250.00 Regular Giver Credit
Pine Bracegirdle $200.00
Maree Schumacher $100.00
Jacinta Hill $50.00 Good luck
Sally Carter $50.00 Sole sisters, you are an inspiration... i will plan on walking a few kilometers in support and may even be able to get some others in on it as well!
Kate Hinton $38.00 Good luck, train hard!
Linda Mulvihill $20.00 Go Jenn! Hope the sole sisters have a fun time doing the trail (still so impressed!) and you all do retain the smiles on your pretty faces :)
Sue Nolan $50.00 All the best in this worthy initiative. Sue Nolan
Scott Rasmussen $200.00 Good luck and have fun!
Tamsin O'Neale $100.00 Good luck girls!! I recommend strapping tape for anywhere you think you could get blisters before you start, and those special blister plasters are good too. Have fun!!
Oxfam Unwrapped Credit $33.00 Merry Christmas, Sole Sistahs!

Total raised:



$38 can train a midwife to ensure the safe delivery of village children
$70 can provide live-saving provisions to families affected by the next natural disaster
$100 can build a tap stand that will provide access to safe clean water to a village

Team details


Leader: Jenn O'Connell
Member B: Rochelle Davy
Member C: Carol Malpas
Member D: Damian O'Connell
Supporter: Linda Cook
Supporter: Kate Cornege
Supporter: Diane Gower
Supporter: Max Gower
Supporter: Stu McDougall
Supporter: Bridie Fleming
Supporter: Phil Cornege

New Plymouth District Council

Target time:
Steadfast = 30-36 hours

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