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Thanks to Maui Motorhomes Achilles NZ teams get to refuel and recharge at each Oxfam 100km check point
Thanks to Maui Motorhomes Achilles NZ teams get to refuel and recharge at each Oxfam 100km check point

Rosa Carter-Holt - training on Scarborough Hills (ChCh)
Rosa Carter-Holt - training on Scarborough Hills (ChCh)

Bridgette Strid - walking up Colonial Knob, Porirua
Bridgette Strid - walking up Colonial Knob, Porirua

Janet Martin & Lisa Alexander
Janet Martin & Lisa Alexander

Jo Walker
Jo Walker

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Achilles International - The Maui Walkers

Our team has all done Marathons before including New York and are ready for a bigger challenge, so we have joined forces to tackle the Oxfam Trailwalker.
We are united by our involvement with Achilles New Zealand - a global charity which supports disabled people to participate in mainstream sport and to achieve their goals.  Their mission is to enable people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream athletics, promote personal achievement, enhance self-esteem and lower barriers. The goal of Achilles is HOPE and POSSIBILITY, to be inclusive, where able bodied and disabled athletes participate together.

By completing the Oxfam Trailwalker, we aim to raise awareness of Achilles Kids, an important part of Achilles to support disabled kids in sport throughout New Zealand.

Oxfam Trailwalker Team:
  • Janet Martin - Auckland
    I am 37 years of age. I live in Auckland and I am profoundly Deaf and have been since birth. I live and work, in the printing industry as a desktop publisher at PMP Maxum, in a hearing world and that presents to me many challenges. Whilst successful at school and work, I have competed most of my life at various sports including football (soccer), skiing, netball, basketball, badminton, softball and athletics. In November 2011 I had the awesome experience of competing in the New York Marathon with Achilles NZ.  This challenge would not be possible without the help, coaching and support of the Achilles International New Zealand Club.  They are a very dedicated group of people helping those with disabilities such as mine compete on a level basis overcoming our disabilities.

  • Rosa Carter-Holt - Christchurch
    Until recently, my most proud sporting achievement was a 3rd place in the school cross country when I was five years old.  However this was surpassed by running and completing the New York Marathon in 2011, to raise funds for the Achilles New Zealand chapter.  I was delighted to achieve this huge personal goal (with only 10 weeks to train!) and to do it with and for such a wonderful group of people that is Achilles.  It is without hesitation (but just a little bit of intrepidation) that I have signed up to the Oxfam Trailwalker, to raise funds for Oxfam.

  • Bridgette Strid - Wellington
    I've been doing a bit of distance running over the last few years, and most recently ran the 2011 Auckland Marathon.  I'm looking forward to the Oxfam 100km Trailwalk, as the distance will be a big step-up from what i've been doing, and it will be a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for Oxfam, and also to raise awareness for Achilles Kids at the same time.  (And to get to know my team mates better!).  I'm not sure whether i'm thankful or not that we have plenty of hills in Wellington for me to train on!!

  • Jo Walker - Auckland
    Age - varies depending on the day, usually older than I actually am. I am on the Board of Achilles and somehow got roped in to complete this walk at late notice!  I have two positively gorgeous kids, Mia is 4 the day after mine and is my inspiration and universe and why I got involved with Achilles as she has global developmental delay as the result of an extremely rare brain tumor. My two and a half year old boy Oscar is crazy like his mother. I am a podiatrist and have my own podiatry practice as of one wk ago (Podiatry@Loft) based in a multidisciplinary boutique gym Loft45 on Sale St, downtown Auckland. I am an ex junior NZ representative triathlete (many, many, many moons ago now) and rep trampolinist (even longer ago!). My life is generally manic with kids, work, tones of medical appointments and trying to stay superwoman fit on two days a wk exercise - not working by the way.

  • Lisa Alexander - Tauranga (support crew)
    I recently supported fellow team member, Janet Martin, at the Lake Rotorua marathon.  Since then, I was hooked (and may be one long-suffering supporter of a marathoner).  Like Janet, I too am profoundly Deaf. Providing support for the marathoner is one helluva job.  We need to provide the walkers with nutritional meals, adequate fluids, massage for sore muscles, and tending to blisters. These are just some of the tasks required to ensure they complete their marathon in good shape.  It is an extremely rewarding experience.I am delighted to have been asked to support Janet and her team and it was an easy decision to make with Oxfam being the designated charity benefiting from the 100km Trailwalk event.  I feel honoured to be a part of the support crew for the Achilles team and am really looking forward to making a difference.
  • Pixie Neame - Rotorua (support crew)
    I'm from Rotorua, and I'm profoundly Deaf.  I'm excited that this year I'll be providing crew support for Janet Martin for the third time.  I'm always keen to encourage the team and keep their motivation high from start to finish.  The first time I supported Janet was April 2011, for theRotorua Marathon.  Lisa Alexander and I were Janet’s crew support as she completed the 42km in 5hrs 55mins.  It was a great team; as three of us are Deaf, we use sign language to communicate each other.  (Don’t worry if you don’t know sign language; we can communicate in some way!)  The second time I supported Janet was for the Brooks Rotovegas Half Marathon in August 2011.  Janet did the 21km with a time of 2hrs 58 mins.  I'm looking forward to this third opportunity to support my team in Taupo.  It will be a significant experience for me, and I aspire to one day be like the walkers, too.

  • Elinor Cuttiford - Paekakariki (support crew)
    I’m an Aussie living in Paekakariki, north of Wellington.  I was very interested when my friend Bridgette mentioned this walk & that she’d be part of the Achilles team.  The Oxfam walk is something I’ve heard a great deal about over the last few years & an event I was very keen to get involved in.  Though I wasn’t sure of my abilities to finish the walk (I’m more of a short distance runner, something I’m hoping to change), I didn’t need much convincing to become part of the support crew.  This year, I really look forward to helping support our walkers to achieve all that they set out to.  Next year – support crew or walking.. hmm will wait & see..!

Fundraising summary for this team

We have achieved 112% of our target.

Target: $2500
Online total: $2,789
Offline total: $0
Pledged: $0
Credits: $0
Total raised: $2,789
# Regular givers recruited: 1
Please Note: Regular Giver credits will only be included in the fundraising total once these recruitments have been confirmed by Oxfam New Zealand.
% Raised: 112%
Fundraising deadline: 20/06/2012

Team fundraising:

Donor name Donation Message
Cushla Cook $20.00 Well done on finishing 100km with your team. Good luck raising very much needed funds for Oxfam. (From Bridgette's Grandma).
Anonymous $20.00
Michelle Keating $30.00 Good luck Janet and your team!!! Enjoy the adventure, I hope you make your goal time - you can do it!!!
Pixie Neame $100.00 Thinking of you Pixie. Go Team!! Love from A M xxxx
Judi Strid $100.00 Go well and have fun Lots of Love Judi Strid
Gretchen Strid $50.00 Good luck Bridgette:)
Cheryl Hirschberg $30.00 All the best for this awesome effort!
Dawn Priest $30.00 Just another challenge Bridgette!! Go Achilles Maui Walkers. Show the way! Auntie Dawn
Sonia Pivac $20.00 Janet & Lisa...what a wonderful way to kickstart April! Gonna be thinking of you guys let's aim for 5 hours flat hmm? Hehe xx
Lisa Alexander $176.80 On behalf of all of Lisa's friends and colleagues at the STAR Project, Tauranga City Council, I would like to wish Lisa and the Achilles International - The Maui Walkers team all the very best of luck for the team challenge at Lake Taupo at the end of the month. We have really enjoyed supporting Lisa's fundraising initiatives and have marvelled at the fantastic work that she has done to raise the profile of this event here at work and within the local community. Good luck, guys! Tania Brittain - Team Leader
Melissa Strawbridge $50.00 Wishing the team all the best of luck....
Narissa Bayler $30.00 Good luck
Lynda Pogson $50.00 good luck and good going!
Ange Cleland $20.00
Pam Mead $30.00 Best wishes Bridgette, will be thinking of you!
Jenni Rolton $50.00 Go for it!
Karen Martin $112.00 Dear Janet - Wishing you & your team all the best for your 100km challenge & hope you make it in the shortest time possible. Love Mike & Margaret (Canada)
Joy Creet $100.00 Good luck to you Rosa and the team. I did it nearly 3 years ago at 56 so I just know you guys can. I did walk it though, no running at all. Go hard. Joy
Roseann Gedye $1,000.00 Proud of you Bridgette and Team - just go for it - this is a fabulous cause!
Rachel Coppage $30.00 Good luck - we'll be proud of you and your team in accomplishing the 100km walk ;-)
Paul Martin $1.00 Forgot to put a Msg - Good luck all of you!!!! Love Paul, Paula and Sam
Paul Martin $20.00
Lauren Dargan $70.00 You are all fabulous and I am so proud to see you achieving wonderful goals. Lauren
kim conway $20.00 Good on you Bridgette and fellow walkers for getting behind this great cause - Walk well and Wow them!!
Pam & Owen Fawcett $20.00 Good luck Rosa & team!
Janet Martin $20.00 Donation from Sue Nicholson: Good luck Janet & the team. Sue xo
Marjorie Rako $30.00 Enjoy your new experience on the 100km walk in Taupo. All the best, Janet and the team. MJ x
Justine Kirby $100.00 Go, team!
Judith Price $25.00 Go Bridgette - yet again! Missing seeing your training runs!
Karen Martin $100.00 Go Janet & the team. We will think of you walking while we are on the ocean. Love Mum & Dad
Karen Martin $20.00 Go Janet & the team. Love Vic & Alena
Sara Pivac Alexander $20.00 Good on ya aunties Lisa and Janet (and the team too)! You're an inspiration. Love Dario (mum and dad too) xxx
Bridget Soljan $20.00 Go Janet!!!!! Good luck sis/aunty:)Love BJ, Darryl, Dominic and Emma xxxxoooo.
Tyson mcdonald $30.00 Janet go go go Good luck for Janet and the team support .
Alan Beal $25.00 Go for it Janet
giarna tekanawa $100.00 No Pain No Gain!
Susie Cable $20.00
Billie-Jean Bruhns $10.00 Best of luck Rosa.
Anonymous $10.00 Go Girls Go . Take time out to view the landscape as you go
Victoria & Greg Lessing $15.00 Go, go & go Janet & the Team! We are proud of you. Good luck with 100km walking, it gonna be a hard work but kids would appreciate this! Love Victoria & Greg and bub on the way :)
Jo Blain $20.00 Go Team - Good on you Rosa
Jo Blain $20.00 Go Team - Good on you Rosa
Karen Martin $24.00 Thank you to PMP Maxum for donations for the fudge Janet & I made. Hope you enjoyed.

Total raised:



$38 can train a midwife to ensure the safe delivery of village children
$70 can provide live-saving provisions to families affected by the next natural disaster
$100 can build a tap stand that will provide access to safe clean water to a village

Team details


Leader: Rosa Carter-Holt
Member B: Janet Martin
Member C: Bridgette Strid
Member D: Jo Walker
Supporter: Pixie Neame
Supporter: Lisa Alexander

Target time:
Steady = 24-30 hours

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