Fair trade

Ready to use classroom activities & lesson plans

Fair trade and food justice for New Zealand students Levels two to five.

Start a discussion between your students on the world food system and the role of fair trade with these resources.

A fair trade presentation to introduce how small scale food producers are disadvantaged in the world food markets and how the Fairtrade scheme helps farmers win a fairer deal. Slide show with supporting script.

Fair trade classroom activities

Follow a banana from Ecuador to New Zealand for students Level 2-5 through slideshow and activities of role-play, case studies for discussion and social actions your students can take.

More links — fair trade and the global food system

Explore topics surrounding Oxfam, food justice and fair trade:

  • Mapping Our World by Oxfam Education— winner of a Geographical Association Gold award and a BAFTA award for primary learning, Mapping Our World allows pupils to flatten a globe, turn a map into a globe, and merge different map projections.
  • Powerful videos from OIYP (Oxfam International Youth Partnerships) - a global network of young people, working with their communities to create positive, equitable and sustainable change.
  • Global Focus provides downloadable resources from upper primary to high school about food justice and other pressing issues for New Zealand students.
  • Trade Aid’s downloadable educational resources on Trade Justice for upper primary and secondary students in New Zealand.
  • Fair Trade Resources information hub supports the fair trade movement - useful background information including downloadable short films
  • Trading Visions produces a range of teaching resources on Fairtrade, cocoa and chocolate for UK schools and colleges, and Fairtrade campaigners
  • All Good Bananas is New Zealand's only fair trade banana importer - there's lots of information about the company and their producers on their website
  • Company website of Scarborough Fair, bringing Fairtrade chocolate, coffee and tea to New Zealand consumers
  • Read more about fair trade