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Fundraising deadline: 1-Jan-70

AECOM Tidehunters

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Wenyu Ouyang Team leader
Crystal Ham Member
James Donald Member
Maddi Forde Member
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4 members from the Auckland W&UD group

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Fundraising target: $2,000.00

Total raised: $1,770.00
Achieved 89% of the target
Fundraising deadline: 21 March 2016

Team fundraising

Donor name Donation Message
Nikki O $12.35
LeMon $23.65 When life gives you lemon, you give underprivileged kids lemonades.
Ice Cream Fundraiser $80.00
Jody Barrett $10.00
Raghav Kruthiventy $10.00 Great job Wenyu and team!
Helen Hicks $10.00 What a great cause!
Andrzej Tomecki $25.00
Punam $5.00
Claudia Kayser $10.00 Wishing you all the best. Good luck.
Nick Holtum $10.00 ICE CREAM!
Rachel Zhou $5.00
Nick B $10.00
Georgina Preston $10.00 Go team!
Andrew Carline $10.00
Anonymous $25.00
Clement $5.00
Anonymous $5.00
James $57.50 Trade Aid Chocolate
Nikki O $10.00 go team :)
AECOM $500.00 Matching profits from the bakesale
Christian A $10.00
Oxfam Water for Survival Quiz Entry $50.00 Thank you for taking part in the Oxfam Water for Survival Water Challenge Quiz launch!
Maddi $5.00 Fairtrade Choc
AECOM $250.00 Bake Sale 2015
Sharna G $5.00
L.G $2.50 Thanks for the chocolate!
AECOM $63.20 Christmas Raffle Profits
AECOM $73.20 Christmas Raffle Profits
AECOM Employee $9.20 Go the A-TEAM!
AECOM $150.80 Bake Sale 2015
Oxfam Water for Survival Pub Quiz $100.00 Thank you for taking part in the Oxfam Water for Survival Water Challenge Quiz launch and entering two teams!
Kirsty Street $30.00 Winner of the Giant Cookie!!! Good luck team!
Anonymous $5.00
Anonymous $5.00
Uddhav Naik $50.00 Ride the tide! Good luck!
Clement Chen $50.00 For a good cause :)
Wenyu Ouyang $25.00
Anonymous $42.60 Great cause and good luck guys! It's not going to take long to reach your goal and hopefully more!
Anonymous $10.00