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Beca Auckland

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John Hardley Team leader
Hayden Porter Member
Nick Koppel Member
Kathryn Parbhu Member
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We love water! Swiming in it, fishing from it, surfing on it, cleaning with it (maybe not) and last but not least, gulping down a glass of the glorious tasting, crystal clear liquid from the best country in the world, New Zealand.

The other half don't have these luxuries. Our goal is to help Oxfam change that, even just a little.

Your contribution will help PNG

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Fundraising deadline: 21 March 2016

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Anonymous $2.00
Garry Macdonald $50.00 Lifting you up and over your target - one last push!
Craigbo $25.00
Rebecca $10.00 Those legs can walk 500 miles
Chris & Liz Hardley $100.00 Keep up the great work and Good Luck for the Challenge on Saturday
Simon Walker $30.00
Dan Stevens $25.00 Good luck guys !
Gold card oldie $25.00
Anon $100.00
Anonymous $25.00
Ian Mac $25.00 Go hard, team!
Francis Heil $50.00 go team Beca!
Anonymous $25.00
Ed Hardley $25.00
Dan Crocker $10.00
Beca Ltd. $103.20 Funds raised from bucket donations
Garry Macdonald $200.00 Keep those Beca Water dollars flowing into your buckets!
Beca Ltd $200.00 All the very best John, Hayden, Kathryn and Nick. From the team at Beca Ltd
Rachael Le Mes $50.00 This is for Beca's support for Oxfam with letting Garry MacDonald be on our Board!
Sue Pickert $100.00
Dave and Kathy Butler Foundation $101.00 Keep up the work.
Greg and Lynnette koppel $100.00
Brogan $15.00
Anonymous $50.00
Wine Fundraiser $1,283.00 Thanks to all those who purchased wine from us!
Matt Girvan $20.00 Good on ya guys! Have a great time.
Nick $50.00
Philip La Roche $100.00
Alan Powell $100.00
Anonymous $5.00