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Billy Penfold

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In April 2015, I will be walking the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea, with the aim of raising at least $3,500 for Oxfam New Zealand.  The trail sounds challenging to say the least - carrying my gear 96km through the highlands, bashing through tropical rainforest, altitudes over 2000m, stifling hot & humid days and sub-zero nights.  Can't wait!

Oxfam works tirelessly to fight social injustice and poverty around the world.  Your donation will go towards grassroots education and sanitation initiatives throughout the Pacific, including in Papua New Guinea and Bougainville.  Third-world problems are closer to home than some may realise, with basic necessities like drinking water a day-to-day struggle for many communities in PNG.

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Fundraising target met, with a very sweet message to boot.  Don't stop now though, the cause still needs your support!

Fundraising target: $3,500.00

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Fundraising deadline: 31 May 2015

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Anon $15.00 Hope you had a great time dude!
Paul & Ellen $30.00 Billy, Awesome what you've done mate, looking forward to hearing about it over a beer at some point soon. Good on you buddy, Chief.
Erana $50.00 An amazing journey Billy and a great cause.
Anonymous $2.00 Sorry SP I'm broke but good job!
carla $25.00
Anonymous $50.00
Eamonn, Samara and Finn $50.00 Good luck Bill!
Jessie (and fangs) $100.00 We're very proud :) x
Rebekah Burgess $25.00 Billy, what you're doing is awesome.
Anonymous $100.00
Ness $25.00 Best of luck, Billy! ☺
Paul Hogan $50.00 Walk time!
David Tapp $25.00 Very inspirational Billy....nice one!
Jeff & Cat $50.00 Good luck Bill! Big challenge and hope you're able to enjoy it :)
The Rod $18.00
Jared $25.00
Adrian W $25.00
Steffie $50.00 You're. Welcome for the 15 grand My kids will starve but I'll. Explain it's. For a good cause. Good luck though for reels.
Marlene & Jeff Holmes $200.00 All the Best, Billy.... hope you are able to enjoy the great challenge ahead and bring home some great memories
Ryan Bogardus $20.00 Great work!
Danita $50.00 Impressive - cant wait to see photos if you can spare the energy!
Paul McGregor $25.00 Don't get chopped up by a man with a machete please.
John $100.00 Good for you, Billy. This is for a good cause and great to see your efforts. Best regards John
A. Medina $25.00 Good luck!
Tom & Di $80.00 Nice one Bill!
Chris Bradley $50.00 Good luck Bill! Stay safe bud.
Libby Sanderson $25.00
Mitchell Ramsden $50.00
Abe Guyer $20.00
Spoons $50.00 Good from you, Os. Good from you.
Clem and Cal $100.00 Good luck Bill! We know you'll do great, awesome cause! X
Dave Penfold $250.00 Outstanding thing you're doing here Billy. We're really proud of you mate! Dave, Jo and Family
Billie $25.00 Good luck, dork.
David Adcock $100.00 A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (Lao-tzu)
Anonymous $111.00
MOJ - choc bars $225.00 Thanks to all who purchased!
Dave Hadley $50.00 Good luck Bill!
Mike, Carla & Baby T $100.00 Great work Billios, so proud of you!
Cerys and Ben $25.00 Awesome challenge and awesome cause! Good luck.
Grace and Jonny $25.00
Quiz night $910.00 Awesome turnout, great effort guys!
Not telling $1.00 i just wanted to see this on the list of donors - haha - good luck Bill!
John $100.00 Good luck, Billy. You are doing something worthwhile and courageous.
Duncan $50.00
Susan Penfold $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Billy Penfold $65.00