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To finally prove my cycling hobby is crazy beyond doubt, I have decided to do the Sufferlandrian Knighthood challenge! 

What is a Sufferlandrian Knighthood Challenge?  The Sufferfest makes some grueling indoor cycling videos.  These videos are the equivalent of a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session except on your bicycle, set to music, with a compelling story line.  The Knighthood is TEN of these videos (and none of the easy ones), you are allowed 10 minute breaks in between each video for the bathroom, food, hydration, and kit changes.  Even with some careful session choice it will be ELEVEN hours on a stationary bike ... and to what end?

That's where you come in.  I'm looking to raise money for Oxfam, and though the Christmas season is upon us, any small donation you can make to this amazing cause would be gratefully appreciated.  

This is happening in Thursday 20th December in the basement at 22 The Terrace Wellington - an unofficial popup embassy of Sufferlandria has appeared. 

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You guys are awesome, thank you for your generous sponsorship so far. 

The knighthood is happening tomorrow! Can you help me get to $1,000

Fundraising target: $2,500.00

Total raised: $1,080.00
Achieved 43% of the target
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John Campbell $100.00 another late one ... but better late than never. Well done Ed
Sergio $50.00 Better late than never. What a massive effort for a great cause. Well done Ed!
Cash Collection $120.00 Amazing thank you to everyone from 22 The Terrace who donated on the day!
Reg, Anuja & Ariyah $50.00 Wonderful cause Ed! Great stuff and Merry Christmas
Amanda $50.00 Amazing effort for a great cause:)
Lauren Hilton $10.00 Go Ed go! You are crazy but we are all cheering you on!
Shane Hewson $25.00 Good luck
Janice Hopkins $25.00 Go Ed - u r a great example.
Joseph Lawrence $25.00 All the best Ed! kudos for this effort.
Rob and Gillian $50.00 Hope someone's there to mop up the sweat !
Simon Gibbs $50.00 Good on you Ed. All the best.
Rey $30.00 You are the wind beneath my wings.
Tony Clark $100.00 Good on you Ed. It’s good to see the sport we love being used for good.
Donald $25.00 Go on Mate, Burn the machine
Sharlee Athfield $25.00
Jill Thorburn $50.00
Prasanna Kalva $10.00 Go Ed. All the best.
Anonymous $10.00
Sir Ed $50.00 You are barking mad - but I will share your pain bro
Tracie $50.00 I want to see you cry :)
Didi Senft $25.00 HOPP! HOPP! MACH SCHNELL!
Ange Nash $25.00 Good luck Ed!!!
Dean Flannagan $25.00
Elle & Craig $50.00 Good luck!
Peter Blount $25.00
Anonymous $25.00 Go Ed - you're awesome mate!