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Sanjay Kumarasingham Team leader
Daniel Leighton Member
Clemence Carlinet Member
Maria Eliza Member
Team bio: 

The story begins a few months ago, at Misty Mangere Mountain, where four hobbits decided to change the face of the world. Gathered together by their common passion, caring for water, they saw Oxfam’s fundraising event “The Ripple Effect 2014” as the perfect way to focus their energy and fight for a good cause: to ensure that fresh water is available to small communities in Melanesia.

Our team is composed of Maria Eliza, a true competitor. She is a ball of energy and happiness; Clemence Carlinet, who has been recently adopted by the shire (and you clearly see from how tall she is that she’s not really a hobbit); Daniel Leighton, he doesn’t miss an opportunity to show his bare feet: and Sanjay Kumarasingham, a spiritual leader and very wise. He will enchant you with his speech skills.

We believe that it is possible to work alongside one another to help build a better world, and that with everyone’s involvement, we will move mountains.

Please join our efforts and come along to our next event!

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A huge thank you to everyone who got involved and supported us!
Prize providers, raffle ticket buyers, icecream buyers, and donators.

Without further adieu, here are the lucky winners:

Formula E prize 1: Rob Tinholt, #21
Formula E prize 2: Chris...

Fundraising target: $2,000.00

Total raised: $3,366.00
Achieved 168% of the target
Fundraising deadline: 22 March 2014

Team fundraising

Donor name Donation Message
Anonymous $25.00 Finally eh maria lol..donation n plus icecream iou. Awesome work xox ane
Anonymous $50.00 Precius
Anonymous $200.00 Jimbob
Anonymous $150.00 Well wishers
Jeroen Smal $50.00 Good work team, well done
Icecream sales and Donations $183.00 Funds raised through Icecream sales and donations
Raffle Sales $335.00 Remaining funds raised in raffle
Sanjays Sales $100.00 H2OBBITS supporter from raffles
Kevin Leighton $25.00 Good show, H2Obbits!
Neville and Lesley Perrie $25.00 Thanks for committing to this worthy cause - keep up the good work
Alex Mc $10.00 Great work guys!
Anonymous $30.00 Good on you!
Hilary Osborne $15.00 Raffle tkt #'s 64, 68, 77.
Anonymous $20.00 David Fonokalafi, ticket numbers 62, 65, 66, 67
Amy $5.00
Ice cream IOU -- Loops $6.00 Ice cream tastes particularly good especially when its toward a great cause!
Aidan T $15.00 Great cause guys. Very well done raising so much already!
Icecream Sales $280.40 Amazing support from staff at Head Office Newmarket, at Mangere and also our dear colleagues at City Care!
Anonymous $70.00 Keep on the good work !
Icecream $10.00
Text to Donate $15.00 Fundraising credit for donations made via text to donate. Text 'RIPPLE' to 4847 to make an automatic $3.00 donation
Icecream Sales $65.00 Icecream Sales at NM
Soo Young Bae $40.00 GOOOOO the H2OBBITS!!! :D such an awesome work for a fantastic purpose! You have our support so all the best!
Anonymous $25.00 Jinglejoes
ice cream new market $4.00
Anonymous $15.00
Fabian $30.00 Nice project! All the best :)
Snezana $30.00 Fantastic work by Watercare people
City Care $9.00 Icecream
Francois $30.00 Thank you for fighting for something that we take so easily for granted in NZ, without realising how lucky we are to have clean water and safe sanitation.
Mich and Hui Ian $50.00 Well Done Team H2Obbits!
Belinda $50.00
Roseline $30.00 Great work guys!
Anon $30.00 Chur. Good work.
Text to Donate $3.00 Fundraising credit for donations made via text to donate. Text 'RIPPLE' to 4847 to make an automatic $3.00 donation
Ice-cream sales $224.40 Fundraising effort from ice-cream sales at Mangere.
Anonymous $100.00 Xavier and Lana
Nagu & Shirley $20.00
Collection from work supporters $824.20 Good wishers
Rox & John $40.00 Way to go guys...
Text to Donate $27.00 Fundraising credit for donations made via text to donate. Text 'RIPPLE' to 4847 to make an automatic $3.00 donation
Anonymous $50.00 Great work guys!!...good luck!!
Isaac Aydon $50.00 Good Work