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Hi everyone! The Learning & Development team is back with our fourth Oxfam Morning Tea on Tuesday, October 16th! There’ll be fresh coffee and yummy treats. All you need to do is come along to the Level 5 kitchen on the day and either donate online or bring some cash. It’s going to be fun so don’t forget to put the date in your diary.

You’ll be making a real difference as Oxfam works to address the root causes of poverty and challenges the unjust policies and practices that reinforce this. By taking part in our Morning Tea you’ll be helping work towards a fairer, safer, more sustainable world. Thank you!

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Thank you to everyone who came and supported our Oxfam Morning Tea!

In addition to our online donations of $350, we also raised $386.10 in cash donations.

Fundraising target: $400.00

Total raised: $736.10
Achieved 184% of the target
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Team fundraising

Donor name Donation Message
Francesca $5.00
Andrew $5.00
Geoff $23.00 The Cookies were amazing!
Dan $10.00 Delicious
Chris $5.00
Humah $5.00
Nicki $10.00
Rich $10.00
Rebecca $10.00
Kiriana $5.00
Alex $10.00
Clara $10.00 Yuummmmmmy
Quinton wong $17.00
Anonymous $10.00
Flora Uwase $3.00
Anonymous $3.00
Della $20.00 Yum! Great cause team.
Anonymous $4.00 What a good cause
Maria $10.00
Marcus $5.00
Gun $10.00
Hannah $4.00
Anonymous $1.00
Liz $10.00 You guys are amazing, thank you for the treats!!
Savanah $5.00 Go Team Go!
Charlie $12.00 Good Cause and Yummy Cakes, Cupcakes and raffle for cook books! AWESOME
Anonymous $5.00
Anonymous $4.00
Anonymous $4.00
Sarah Oliver $3.00
Anonymous $5.00
Anonymous $15.00
Malama $10.00
Julia $10.00
Candice $15.00 Yummy treats. Thanks.
Khan $15.00
Meena $10.00
Erin $10.00 Go Team!
Kheila $25.00
Lizzie Quill $1.00 Good luck!