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marion derochet Team leader
Julie Plessis Member
Emilia Wisniewski Member
Oliver Dinsdale-Young Member
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AWT’s Splash Team is back bigger, stronger and under a new name Motts’iv A team. Last year's 2nd place has motivated us even more to fun raise this year.


Thank to all the teams that came down at the BCC on Wednesday for the AMAZING RACE. We saw some nice pictures and memorable videos were taken. Thank you also to the BCC for their venue and support.


Looking forward to the Oxfam Water Challenge tomorrow, we're in good shape and will do whatever it takes to make the most of this day.


If you are free and are in a cheer up mood come along at St Kentigern’s Boys’ School, 82 Shore Road, Remuera, Auckland from 12pm. 


Big thank you to all our donators as well for their support.

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Fundraising target: $3,500.00

Total raised: $3,931.00
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Fundraising deadline: 21 March 2015

Team fundraising

Donor name Donation Message
Qld Division $200.00 Qld Division
Anonymous $200.00
m f in G $10.00 For mah main boyz ting and OG CHAN
TYY $3.00 Sorry I couldn't make it! CNY family dinner T_T Go go #1!
Chris Ting $10.00 Thanks for the event, it was fun!
The big boss $60.00 for the 4th milk bottle!
Anonymous $200.00
Julie $40.00 a few lunches and cookies
Mott Mac Office $482.10 Cash Donations - Thank you all for your generous donations!!
Social Club $135.00 Amazing Race - 3 teams
Tom $25.00 for some cookies and a lunch or two
Robert $20.00 Three delicious lunches!!
Hannah Davies $45.00 Team entry for the Motts Amazing Race tonight - very excited! Great idea guys :-)
Anonymous $6.00 Forgot to pay for lunch a while back.
Alana $10.00 Sibling rivalry ;)
Sara $10.00
Heather Butcher $45.00 Amazing race team
Emily $6.40 Australian money exchange + one crepe.
T $6.00 Rogan Josh
nathan $10.00 nice salad
Emily P - Oxfam $45.00 Hey - we have a team together for your awesome Amazing Race fundraiser! Will RSVP to Marion too :-) Excellent work guys!
Paul Wilhelm $200.00 Good Luck
Bahram $7.00 Ollie's lunch and a cookie
Nas $10.00 Thanks for the chicken salad and cookies!
Tim $8.00 Ollie's salad, good stuff!
Rebecca $10.00 Lunch x 1
Marion $10.00 Just because we're got a long weekend ahead
Marion $10.00 Em lunch and some of W's cookies...
Mott MacDonald $1,200.00 For great food and service at the annual Christmas BBQ
Ollie Modricker $19.00 Lunch 17/12 & 14/01, sausage sizzle x2, cookie and loaf of bread!
Nasrine $6.00 Thanks for this awesome lunch Emilia!
Gloria Wu $6.00 Emilia and Nasrine's Mango Chicken!
Chris Park $12.00 Lunch x2. Late as usual.
Teokotai Ruland-Marsters $10.00 21/01/15
Michael M $12.00 Emilia and Nasrines lunches
Tom J $10.00 good lunch saved me from house of rugby
Nathan $10.00 Nathan - great lunch Nasrine
Nick Dempsey $10.00 Great lunch again thanks Nas
Jason Tam $10.00 14/01/2014
Tracey $6.00 Nasrines Lunch 14 Jan
Veria $10.00 Oxfam Lunch
Nick $8.00 Great balls thanks Sven
nathan $10.00 best balls ive had for a long time
Marion $6.00 Sven Xmas Lunch!! Thanks
Bahram $7.00 Sven's lunch and one cookie
Chris Park $6.00 Sven's balls
Nasrine $6.00 Thanks for this Christmassy lunch Sven
Marion $6.00 Tim's Burger
Ollie Modricker $14.00 Lunch x2 (9/12 & 2/12) & Cookie x2
Chris Park $6.00 Timmy's lunch
Nathan $10.00 Nathan - lamb burger
Bahram $6.00 Tim's Lunch
Sophia $6.00 Tim's yum lunch!
Julie $20.00 2 lunches and some cookies...
Bahram $4.00 2x Cookie
Sophia $6.00 Chris Park's Lunch
Rosanne Simpson $6.00 Tasty Nachos!
Tom $10.00 good lunch and brownie
Raj Valabh $12.00 Nacho's, Brownie, 2 more kg.
Nasrine $10.00 Great Lunch Park!
Bahram $9.00 Lunch, 2x brownies, cookie
Tim $20.00 Lunch, brownie, cookie. Thanks team!
Em $7.50 Cookie+Brownie+Chris' Lunch.
Maria $25.00 Lunches and cookies
Warrick $20.00 Lunch, yum!
Bahram $1.00 Cookies
Nick $10.00 Great Lunch thanks Maria
Sophia $6.00 Maria's lunch yum yum
Ollie Modricker $12.00 2x Lunch - (19/11 & 26/11) Some good food being provided! Well done to Chefs!
Rebecca $6.00 Lunch - Wednesday 26th
Robin $6.00
Sophia $6.00 Yum lunch Marion!
Chris Park $12.00 2 x lunch
Bahram $6.00 Lunch (beef tacos)
Nick $6.00 Great Tacos thanks!
Peter $6.00 Tasty Tacos!
Michael $12.00
Rebecca $6.00 Lunch
Bahram $2.00 2x Cookies
Peter $6.00 Wed lunch was awesome!
Emilia $2.00 Two coconut brownies
Bahram $8.00 Bahram Lunch 12/11/14
Nathan $10.00 Beef satay delicious
Robert $18.00 Lunch x2, cookie and sweepstake IOU.
Maria $15.00 2x Lunch and cookie IOUs
Raj Valabh $20.00 Lunches 5 Nov and 12 Nov
Anonymous $12.00
Ollie Modricker $12.00 Some good Shrimp Pasta last week! Looking forward to the Beef Satay
Warrick $15.00 Epic lunch, now need survival cookies
Sven Rambo $6.00 Shrimp pasta epicness
Bahram $5.00 Melbourne Cup
Julie $18.00 3xlunches
Peter $6.00 Lunch
Chris Park $12.00 2 x lunch
Emilia $9.00 Lunch plus three cookies. :-)
Peter $5.00 Melbourne Cup
Teokotai RM $5.00
Raj Valabh $10.00 Go Seismos (7) Go Willing Foe (13)
Sven Exeter $5.00 Melbourne Cup
Nathan $15.00 Pub quiz and Melbourne cup