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Fundraising deadline: 1-Jan-70

Pattle Delamore Partners

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Pattle Delamore Partners Limited Team leader
Jack Feltham Member
Victoria Spasic Member
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Pattle Delamore Partners

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Fundraising target: $2,000.00

Total raised: $2,602.39
Achieved 130% of the target
Fundraising deadline: 21 March 2015

Team fundraising

Donor name Donation Message
Aslan Perwick $50.00
Pattle Delamore Partners $300.00 PDP Donation
Roger $50.00 Tamaki Drive Muscle car cruise
Rod D $27.00 Books + Lucky Dip
Dan $52.00 Paddle Boarding
Aslan The Lion $80.00 Golf lessons and book
Diana Kim $4.00 auction
Paul Churchill $20.00 Auction
Victoria Spasic $77.00 Great Auction! - $$ for photo package and lucky dip :)
Jack $66.00 Oxfam Auction - Bunnings voucher and Rocky DVD set + lucky dip ($2)
Susan Jackson $40.00
bake sale $84.50
Pattle Delamore Christchurch $127.10
Anonymous $47.50
lunch $128.00
Pattle Delamore Christchurch $241.00 Raised from a bake sale!
bake sale $130.10
raffle money $158.00
quiz night $182.00
Anonymous $40.00
Anonymous $149.00 christmas raffle
Anonymous $26.30
Raffle $84.00
QUIZ Extras $20.00
International Lunch $77.90
Pub Quiz $200.00 Thanks for coming along to celebrate the launch of the Oxfam Water Challenge with a pub quiz. And congratulations on finishing in second place!